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[NEEDS INPUT] Incorrect outfit versions for differently framed Sims

by someday6472

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[NEEDS INPUT] Incorrect outfit versions for differently framed Sims

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number? PC
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? all of them.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? just go into CAS, select the feminine frame for males, and filter by unlocks in either tops or full body.
What happens when the bug occurs? female versions of the outfits appear, even when sorted by masculine fashion choice
What do you expect to see? the male versions of the outfits to appear, even while feminine frame is selected.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

when putting on an unlocked top/fullbody outfit on a feminine frame male sim, some of the outfits are the female versions of that outfit (can tell because the textures imply breasts when the sim has none), despite the fashion choice being filtered by masculine. even if i turn off that filter, the male versions are nowhere in sight. since it's most often career outfits that are affected, it's just a little strange to see my male sim come home wearing something that makes it look like he has breasts, when all is other outfits don't do that. 



with feminine frame (male) enabled -


with feminine frame (male) disabled -


i also checked if it happens to masculine framed females. it does the same to them, too.


with masculine frame (female) enabled -


masculine frame (female) disabled -


i don't think any of my CC has anything to do with this, but i have tested this without them. it still occurs without my CCs.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Incorrect outfit versions for differently framed Sims


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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Incorrect outfit versions for differently framed Sims

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I just noticed this is happening with my feminine frame male in the military career. The outfit top forces the female version. I can use the male bottoms, but once I add the top, it uses the female top and changes the bottoms to female with it.

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