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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [DU] Dormmates No Longer Behave As Students After Week One

by crinrict

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [DU] Dormmates No Longer Behave As Students After Week One

@simvasion Hm interesting. I specifcially tested and all of the ones I checked had degrees on the second term still. I did some them do homework as well but can't swear on which semester that was. There was even a report for a Uni homework lockup.

Waiting for more posts on this then

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [DU] Dormmates No Longer Behave As Students After Week One

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I have seen this on PS4. My sims roommates and all other NPCs on campus stopped doing homework, going to class, or even having majors after the first week. One of my sims roommates was even an adult! The first week was fine. All the NPCs were students and you could interact with them normally as students.


I had my sim at school for a total of 6 sim weeks and after that first week, I was unable to talk to other NPCs at university at all about majors, could not perform school greetings, could not taunt other school "students" about university superiority, etc. None of the students were students anymore. They all stopped having majors listed in their info panels. They'd appear around campus as fill ins but they weren't students. This also caused issues with school clubs that required between student interactions like the School Spirit Club.


Sometimes my sim would have the ability to ask about a major, but nothing would display in their relationship panel and if they were from the rival university (based on what they said) there were still no rival school interactions because they weren't actually students.


My sim's roommates also never moved out of the house once they stopped being students. They were the same, not going to class or acting like students for the additional 5 weeks I had my sim on campus. 


Here's my save.


My sim at the school mixer event on Britechester campus. She is a Foxbury student.

The Sims™ 4_20200220180122.jpg

All her roommates lost their degree status and my sim no longer knew their careers even though she knew them the previous term. 

The Sims™ 4_20200219190319.jpg

The Sims™ 4_20200219190344.jpg

The Sims™ 4_20200219190334.jpg

More "Students" that weren't students for events. None of these NPC at the school events were students. Two of these "students" were Conspiracy Theorists. There were also Scientists that showed up as "students" too. You could not do any school interactions with them or ask about majors etc. 

The Sims™ 4_20200221091936.jpg


Sure L.Faba "could" be a student. She's not even dressed properly.

The Sims™ 4_20200221091021.jpg

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [DU] Dormmates No Longer Behave As Students After Week One

★★ Guide

After lots of testing I have an idea for why this happens. If you travel off lot, NPC sims don't seem to get their homework done or go to class.

So, say your sim has time during the normal class time to study, and you travel to the library. Any classes for NPCs that were scheduled at that

point are not attended, and no homework gets done.


In a few sessions, I went through a term where I stayed completely on lot within the dorms or in the same zone as the class buildings, like the student commons

areas. After the term ended, all roommates were still enrolled. In another session, I traveled to the library frequently as my schedule was open in order to study.

This session all of my roommates failed the term. So, during normal gameplay where sims travel, especially to the library, NPCs are likely to fail their term.

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