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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

by ValkyrieFaery

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Re: Time Rubber Banding

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I can confirm that this issue isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, but it's still noticeable in certain circumstances. Recently, I saved and exited my game about ten in-game minutes or so before my Sim was about to go to work. When I came back to the save, a few in-game hours had passed, she had already gone to work, and I was immediately greeted with a chance card. At the time, said Sim was living at 1313 21 Chic Street Apartments.

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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I just bought the expansion last night and am having the same issue with time jumping backward and forward on ultra speed while sims are asleep or at work. Any word on this? It's pretty bad for me.

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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Happens to me too, but not just in apartments, it happens in houses too! the clock would be at 5am then jump back to 3am! I think its just lag that does it! cause it happens every time they go to sleep

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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I am having this issue - it only seems to happen in the city living world but other worlds are fine!

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments


Does anyone still see time jumps specifically in apartments only ?

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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I'm looking for a way to solve this problem, too. I don't quite remember when this started happening exactly. As of now, I can't even go to x3 speed. It slows down back to x2 speed. Most of the times it won't go to ultra speed when sims are asleep or go to work (yes, there are no active sims on the lot). It happens everywhere, in every world and with every new game I start. It's been kind of a headache for about a year. 

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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Same thing has been happening to me for quiiite some time now. Ultra speed 3 kicks in while they're sleeping or at work but the time stops and doesn't go forward. I have to go between speed 1 and 3 to keep the game going. It's quite annoying :/ removed all mods and cc, uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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Yes, its been happening more and more lately. I only have one sim in my household (apartment in Fashion District). It keeps getting stuck and takes much longer to get home from work or time to pass while the sim is asleep. Sometimes my sim doesn't leave work although the progression bar around the action is full, forcing me to manually end the action and bring her home (the last few hours' progress of which is not saved during the action. E.g. career performance bar was full, but decreased to an earlier instance preventing my sim from getting a promotion)

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