[NEEDS INPUT] [CD] Dogs don't go to potty if there are complicated stairs

by JuliaChang93

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Re: Dogs don't go to potty if there are stairs

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@SheriGR  I have to admit. I find it really confusing that there would be a lot using grass tiles instead of just letting the grass show through. I've never used that lot before so I had absolutely no idea that could be a problem. Admittedly, things like this are the reason why I like visiting the bug forums. I learn new things. I admittedly wonder now if there are other lots that put tile everywhere, even grass tiles over grass.


Now here is a question. Say someone took the time to get rid of all the grass tiles and upload a lot without them. Would putting that uploaded lot down over a tiled lot get rid of them since the upload doesn't have them?

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Re: Dogs don't go to potty if there are stairs


@PriestessAvenara  Yes, placing a lot on that lot should overwrite all content, lot traits, flooring & terrain with the new ones. 

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Re: Dogs don't go to potty if there are stairs

@JuliaChang93 I tested those two lots and can duplicate the issue.

I wonder if it has to do with the steps going up to the second story for one lot and the complexity of the second stairs for the Sulani lot that makes the dog route fail.

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Re: Dogs don't go to potty if there are stairs

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@crinrict Thanks for checking the lots out! Maybe it is just my luck the houses i felt in love with always have this problem lol...But those are also very popular houses on the gallery so i am a bit surprised that there is only one person checked "me too" button... :/


@SheriGR Oh, i understand, thanks for the explanation. Sledgehammer tool does not identify anything as a tile so i think no grass tiles had been used on this lot also. Seems like there is no workaround for this *sigh*


@PriestessAvenara since this house does not have any backyard area / garden (only some balconies on back) i cannot choose these doors as other main doors :/ well, i will try moving in another house because everything i tried so far has its own * or they did not work either; just hoping not to experience this poop issue again :'(

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