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Re: Multiple bugs... the list keeps growing

by crinrict

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Multiple bugs... the list keeps growing

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1. The "stuck at work" bug. The sim is greyed out and shown as being "at work" even when his shift is done. I can remedy this temporarily by either traveling with him to another lot or leaving work early, however the bug repeats itself the next time he goes to work.
2. I took a vacation day with with a Sim, but someone it registered as a no-show and resulted in a warning from his boss and a big performance drop.
3. Performance bar won't go up and/or drops for no reason. After taking the performance drop from the vacation day he is stuck in the orange and not only can he not get promoted but he gets repeated warnings. No matter how many times I finish his daily task, make sure his mood is correct, and make sure he has all the required skills it just stays there. I have tried working hard... that makes it go up but the very next day it has dropped right back down again.
4. The boss keeps calling. This started before the vacation day problem. The boss would call while my sim was at work, and when I answered it nothing would happen... no text or anything.
5. Sometimes upon loading the game I am unable to change his work ethic. It shows him at work (briefcase icon) but the other icon that you click to change the ethic is just not there.
6. When choosing "leave early" I sometimes get a pop up that says "Miss Work? Rob's boss may not not think well of him skipping work, are you sure he should?" He's at work........
7. Also at times when choosing "leave early" I get the pop up but nothing happens at all, the sim does not leave work.
8. Royalties bug.. royalties are compounding and are way too high. My Sim family went from about 48k in cash to over a million in two days. My sim had a writing skill of 4 and had published ONE children's book. (self pub)
9. Mail stuck in inventory. Can't remove it. Can't pay bills. In my case however the bills just stopped coming so I was able to ignore it.
10. Refrigerator got stuck with green "stink" animation when there was no spoiled food in it. (I was able to fix this by removing all the food and then putting it back)
11. Hired a maid. She showed up a few times then *poof*
12. When moving two sims with the Mansion Baron aspiration in to a new home together only one of them registered.
13. Crashing upon entering/leaving build mode. (This seems to be fixed after dumping cache and reloading an older save)
14. Second sim on lot unselectable. Doesn't happen all the time and can't yet pin it down to what may be triggering it
15. Crashing when trying to visit another lot (hitting M)
16. Crashing on exit

17. Crashing when trying to move the family to another lot (thought maybe that would help)

Main things I have tried: clearing cache, resetting to factory specs (which includes taking out all custom CC), updating graphics driver, repairing game via origin along with a myriad of smaller things. Due to the crashing my game is pretty much unplayable now (because I can no longer switch lots to yank my stuck main sim out of work mode or regain control of a greyed out sim). Even the factory reset ( did not help, it just kept crashing.  I'm running the game on an alienware gaming computer with a good vid card that shouldn't have any problem running this. The game performed the same before and after updating to the newest drivers. 

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Re: Multiple bugs... the list keeps growing




please refer to the compiled list to see what's already reported and use the threads there to add extra info:


If you have new bugs, make a thread per Bug as explained here: or use this thread if you don't want to open your own thread.


Thanks for your cooperation.

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