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Re: Missing Items from theTreasure Hunt Pack

by Rh0deIsland

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Missing Items from theTreasure Hunt Pack

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Android Phone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Samsung A20s
OS Version A207FXXU2BTJ3
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Buy from Buy Menu (icon that has an outline of a shopping bag and a plumbob)
What do you expect to see? To receive the COMPLETE items from the pack.
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region Asia
Country Philippines

I bought the Treasure Hunt Pack last night, around 11:54pm (+8 GMT). But, I only received the stove from the purchase. NO sims cash was not added on my TSM account, NO Ancient Relic Coins, No scrolls, etc. This incident happened twice already! The same thing happened from the September 2019 case I've repeatedly raised on EA Help. You've given me only half the prizes (from the Beginner's Bargain Pack and Treasure Hunt Pack) I originally paid for on my account. Now, this incident has happened AGAIN? How can I finish the Treasure Hunt event? 

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Re: Missing Items from theTreasure Hunt Pack




Unfortunately this is an issue that we can't help you fix from the forums.


Either you want to restore your purchase or get the rest of the pack content, you will have to contact an EA advisor. 


Please follow these directives:


    • You should send in a Help Ticket from your in-game account. Advisors need mobile players to do this because in-game mobile tickets bring through needed details. Contacting by any other method will only delay support and you'll be asked to go back and send in an in-game help ticket. Also worth noting that sending in help tickets from the mobile in-game account ensures the tickets go through to the mobile advisors directly who'll be far more informed.
    • Have valid proof of purchase available for advisors. Purchases on mobile aren't made on Origin aka EA's tool, they are made on either Google Play or iTunes so in order for support to confirm that there was a payment made they will need valid proof of purchase. Once they verified the purchase they can check if the content is on the account,. If it's not the advisors will take it from there.

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Re: Missing Items from theTreasure Hunt Pack

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@SalixCat That's unfortunate because I've created multiple Help Tickets from my in-game account. 4 Help Tickets were created for Beginner's Bargain Pack (which were not addressed until now) and one for the current issue. That's a total of 5 pending issues. I posted this issue here because none of my concerns have been address since late 2019. A year has passed and nothing. I just want my money back if TSM cannot give me what I paid for.
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