[MegaThread] Apex Legends - Crashing on PC with no error message

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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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@PlSTOLSKlN I have also done that yesterday brother, still no luck 😔
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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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@GlobalShock Ok, there was an issue like this after an update a year or so ago. One guy found that the following worked for him:

Go to your NVIDIA Control Panel, navigate to Manage 3D Settings
Low Latency Mode: Off
Max Frame Rate: Off (I cap my fps to 190 in the game's launch options with +fps_max 190)
Monitor Technology: Fixed Refresh (in game's launch options I use -refresh 144)
Power Management Mode: Normal
Prefered Refresh Rate: Application-controlled
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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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  1. Please note that it only happens in V3.0.35.21 which was updated a few days ago.
  2. NO config changes, including system, drivers, everything.
  3. This is NOT a single case, it's affected many guys.

DEV should check this out. It's better tell us how to enable the debug log if it's necessary.

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Re: Suddenly turned off during the Apex game

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I deleted all the files related to Apex and it was solved. The config I set seems to have collided with this update.\




It's going to happen again........

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Crashing and Freeezing after update "Dressed to kill" on season 17

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I played Apex almost flawlessly since season 15(where i started). After this update, i am frequently booted out of the game(or the game freezes and i cant do anything unless i reboot the pc again) 

Edit: Platform - Steam PC

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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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@PlSTOLSKlN I have tested that and is still crashing.

@0755CN Exactly, it's not an issue on our end, it's on apex end and they need to look into it and resolve it.
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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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@GlobalShock I'm trying to work out what may cause issues on Xbox and PC. Have you tried clearing you cache? I think that your re-installs may have already done this, but worth a try if you haven't.

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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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@GlobalShock I'm watching the dev tracking board. It does not track all of the bugs, but we should see something like this appear on it if and when they look in to it. There are a few crashing issues atm, but they are currently related to Windows 7 and when loading in to maps. More about the dev board here with a link to it - https://www.pistolskin.co.uk/2023-05-01/apex-trello-board/
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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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You can take a look at this, it's similar to what we're talking about.

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Re: Apex Legends - Crashing

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Update: I am still experiencing the crashes, trying to get into a mixtape game but I have crashed every single time not even able to load into the game. Only reason I am still playing this game is to complete my battle pass that I am close to finishing.


I really hope this bug gets fixed soon unlike the xp glitch that went on for weeks where I was unable to earn xp for most of the games I played.


Ps. I regret buying the project 19 bundle as I was not aware as to how bad this crashing issue would be. Please fix as soon as possible.

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