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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

by jacko4kHD

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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I'm on PS4 and he issue is persisting despite the patch, rubber banding happening every 5 to 10 min like clock work, withe over 100mbs internet clocking on my side. the only place don't experience it is when in the fort 

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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This rubberbanding is really annoying i thought its our internet but its not we have the best router and modem u can buy and we get the gigablast speed we test it regularly its not on our end. It make the game impossable to play when it does this i die quite often because of the rubber banding plz fix soon 

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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same issue,same platform(xbox one s),it's unplayable for a week now....I'm about to give up on this game and move on.

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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If you are on PC, this might make the game at least "playable"...


If you have these problems:


  • Unresponsive keyboard and mouse
  • Very choppy gameplay
  • "lagging" but your internet connection is fine
  • Keep moving in the same direction (into a wall)
  • Gets worse as the game gets more intense
  • Then eventually you just freeze, or game crashes

What may be causing this:


  • CPU is running at 100% (even with graphics turned way down)
  • Computer has no reserves for other functions
  • Mouse and/or keyboard cut-out

Solution! (Sorry it's not too simple)...


  1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) > Task Manager
  2. Anthem has to be running so it appears on the Task Manager (Alt + Tab if needed)
  3. Go to Details (either goto tab details, or right click Anthem > Go to details)
  4. In the Details list > Right click Anthem again
  5. Click Set affinity (this will list ALL of your computer's CPU currently used to run Anthem)
  6. Unclick at least ONE CPU (the goal is get you CPU below 100%)
  7. It will take about 10 seconds for the CPU % to adjust (be a little patient)
  8. If you notice other processes are consuming CPU, use the same steps above to lower those as well.
  9. Once your TOTAL CPU is not staying at 100% (even 96% works), then alt+tab back into Anthem!



  • IMPORTANT: You have to do this EVERY time you restart Anthem (it gets easier)
  • Due to less CPU usage, you may have to decrease graphical settings
  • Can't blame the "lag" anymore for dying
  • The game still needs to fix this, but at least this allows me to play in the meantime!
  • If you're confident the CPU usage stays under 100% then you can close Task Manager

Hope this helps if you're having the same problem! Enjoy playing!

- Hallomoon

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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What's causing this? And how do you fix it?

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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This has been happening to me on a regular basis on PS4.

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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I've been having this problem since starting the game whenever I am out of Fort Tarsis. The servers were down for maintenance today for 2 hours, I hoped this might fix it but my next attempt to play felt even worse if anything. Seriously ruining what cooks be a really enjoyable game. 

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Re: Major Server Rubber Banding/Lag

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Has annoying heard anything or is this fixed like AT ALL!? I literally bought the game a day ago and barn first thing rubber banding and still does it after the intro I don’t have this in any other game online.

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