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Load Times and World Loading Issues

by DeadYears

Original Post

Load Times and World Loading Issues

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Product: Anthem
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number 1080ti
Enter RAM memory size in GB 16
Please select your region North America
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? No
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. All loading screens and loading into new world sections
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 2/16/19
Summarize your bug Load times are so long it becomes almost unplayable. I have entered missions where I'm so far behind I instantly enter a second loading screen or miss entire fights.
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play any game mode at any time on a PC that isn't top of the line in every category.
What happens when the bug occurs? Exceedingly long load times and time outs.
What should be happening instead? Missions either don't start until the whole party loads or load optimization changes.

I built my computer in Spring of 2018 and it can't handle loading Anthem and looking great at the same time. I have a 1080ti, i7 8700K, and 16GB of DDR4 3000  Ram. I also ran a speed test to double check my connection and have been around 50 Mb download. My computer isn't straight up top of the line but should be on the more powerful side of the average PC spectrum. And the optimization of Anthem is at best disapointing. After playing the Alpha, VIP Demo, and now the Early Launch I have the same issues with exceedingly long load times and world elements not loading.

I played on Ultra until I got to the mission Finding Old Friends. I played the mission 4 times and each time the game either crashed or took so long to load it disconnected from the servers. On other missions it takes me so long to load that I routinely enter a mission just to be so far back that I end up getting sent back into a loading screen to catch back up to the "Mission Area". This is hands down the biggest issue with the game. When I'm actually playing I'm having fun and am enjoying the wold but unless you have a $2K+ computer it doesn't seem to play well enough to have a consistently good time and look good at the same time. At that point I dropped my graphics from Ultra to High. I almost stopped playing entirely but decided to give it another shot. I haven't had any mission straight up crash since then but I have had a disconnect once or twice. Load times are shorter but they are still a problem. Even with my graphics bumped down I will consistently go to new areas on the map and nothing has loaded except the ground. Or enter and area only to start losing my shields or sometimes get completely knocked down because none of the enemies have spawned yet but they are still shooting me. 

I can see some good potential in Anthem but I believe these issues will completely kill this game before the studio has the ability to add more and expand the game. I'm excited to see where it can go but I'm also not confident it will survive long enough to see that happen.

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Re: Load Times and World Loading Issues

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It seems to be a problem with harddrives not being fast enough to run this game. Mind boggling, but I haven't seen anyone with an SSD have this issue.
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Re: Load Times and World Loading Issues

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@ogreGoliath  Yeah this is stored on my M.2 drive. So I really don't get it unless there's some strange issue with a bottleneck between my mobo and m2. Off the top of my head I believe I have a Samsung evo 970. There has to be something going on during these loading screen aside from actual loading data from the game file.

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Re: Load Times and World Loading Issues

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Had this same issue, I was flying into trees that i couldn't see while being shot by enemies that weren't there. When the game does run smoothly occasionally it was a lot of fun. Hope they fix this soon.

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Re: Load Times and World Loading Issues

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@frgttenangel Yup I got one shot by an Urisix in a mission before it loaded in and my team couldn't revive me most the fight because it was right on top of me.

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