List of known bugs

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List of known bugs

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SalixCat will continue updating the bug list (June 2020).




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The list of known bugs is an overview to find the bugs reported on Answers HQ quick and easy.
Bugs not mentioned on the list, or removed from this list aren't necessarily forgotten by EA.
The list is independent of how EA manages confirmed bugs.





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List of known bugs

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- Collection posts

Posts about the same problem but with different objects involved or different models of phones.

[Collection thread] - Items missing after patch

[Collection thread] - Issues with certain devices

[Collection thread] - Objects out of place when performing action


- App issues

Issues with the user interface, cloud, social options, store, settings or ads

[Open] - Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

[Open][Workaround] - Unable to accept or decline friend request

[Open]Tutorial message from previous game partially covers screen

[Open] - Button for changing careers is missing from Fashion work station

[Open][Workaround] Off center advert, can’t close after playing

[Open] - It's day when it's night and night when it's day\

[Open] - Ads not playing and giving rewards

[Open] - Ads Open AppStore automatically

[Open] - Game Resetting To Level 1

[Open] - Player names not showing up

[Open] - Problems with data syncing

[Open] - Sound off for sims

[Open] - Game crashes when watching ads

[Open] - Mailbox ad icon disappears - Ads Not Working

[Open] - Enable Browser Functionality Error on Android 11

[Open] - Can’t enable tracking on iOS. Can't connect to social media accounts




- Game issues 

Issues with the game itself.

[Open]Friends/ Contact list disappeared

[Open] - Sims stand around on home lot

[Open] - Pricing jumps on Fledgling Streamer Station

[Open] - Adopting a sim not successful

[Open] - Hours pass but Sims don't finish their work




[Open] - Broken rooms and blue cars

[Fixed]Need to improve lifestyle to unlock land

Might be related: [Fixed] - Another Land expansion is currently unlocking when there isn't

[Open]Glorius Hardwood changes color

[Open] - Missing Event Items from “Buy” Tab - After QoL update

[Open] - Iconic computer station not recognized as part of the hobby collection

[Open]Moving wall makes unrelated objects move

[Open] - Objects can't be moved

[Open] - Outdoor tiles cover Picnic perfection set

[Open] - Rococo set needs to be completed to buy BBQ

[Open] - Floor Level Red Dot Notification

[Open] - Land expansion ready animation stuck

[Fixed?] - Items crafted in the eco workshop not available in Buy mode

- The following three issues might be related:

[Open] - Broken roof

[Open] - Eco lot house roof shows locked




[Open]Ancient elder NPCs don't disappear

[Open] - Risky action missing when Sims says it's ready for it

[Open] - Toddler doesn't show up for interactions

[Open] - Sim shrinking

[Open] - Make space for Sim already in household

[Open] - Sims can’t interact with toddlers using objects

[Open] - Full household dialog box does not appear when adding new NPC

[Open] - Dark items and Sims since Date Night update

[Open] - Hot Tub 2000 needs illuminated wall

[Open] - Sim doesn't show up for events or socializing

[Fixed?] - Chop To It Cutting Board blocked on counters

[Open] - Bassinet disappears when baby is removed from full household

[Open] - Always six drinks left on summer tray and in fridge

[Open] - Sims is duplicated living in two houses

[Open] - Not able to remove retired NPCs

[Open] - Elder Sim stuck doing action and can’t be removed from the household

[Open] - Energy not refilling

[Open] - Sim unabale to re-engergise, get new traits or change homes

[Open] - Izzy firework effect broken

[Open] - Promoted Sim became unplayable

[Open] - Sims can t share a meal on the Live Edge Dining Table

These issues are probably related:

[Open] - Guest sim won’t change to bathing suit on hot tub

[Open] - Sims shows stuck walking on front yard at Eco lot

[Open] - Sim busy even though not doing anything

[Fixed?] - Sim has lost option to retire after being passive

[Open] - Relationships disappear when making active Sims passive

[Open] - Sims don't gain energy, can't get new traits or move to another house

[[Fixed?] - Sims icons crossed out

[[Fixed?] - Lost one sim slot due to "make passive"

[[Fixed?] - Passive sims leaving the house nonstop

[Open] - Seated Sims Won’t have a normal conversation

[Fixed?] - My sim has disappeared after using passive

[Open] - Passive Sims do not leave house at parties

[Open] - Passive Sims disappeared from house and no longer exist/are related



[Open] - Cannot change Sims’ appearance

Izzy and fashion gems

[Open] - Game crashes when clicking on the Izzy creations

[Open] - Izzy’s effect animation does not work in his shop

[Open] - Adult NPC son disappears from household after a cafe date




[Fixed] - Cannot End LZ Tasks - Stereo only has “Dance" option

Retirement, promotions, generations and Heirlooms

[Open] - Izzy effect not visible in family portrait after retirement

[Open] - Story marked as new in Heirloom box while it isn't new

[Open] - Duplicate Trait/Heirloom doesn't have "Already Owned" tag on shop

[Open] - Sims has all traits but can't be retired

[Open] - Story gone after selling duplicate heirloom

[Open] - Elder Sim stuck doing action and can’t retire


- Graphical

Issues with how things look or act.

[Open] - "z Z z" sleeping effect stays on Sim after waking up

[Open] NPC is missing in career

[Open] - Guitar sinks into the floor

[Fixed?] - Sage wall cabinet left cuts into wall

[Open] - Bad Graphics Quality

[Open] - Cutting Board stuck at Sim’s feet

[Open] - Obtrusive “Woven Sugarcane Rug” Footprint

[Open] - Metro Modernist Sink can't be placed against a wall after update

[Open] - Shadows error writing instead of shadows

[Open] - Future sight crystal ball doesn't change color

[Open] - Pattern on Stäncké Geometric Rug replaced by Trouk Fringe Rug pattern


CAS clothing

[Fixed?] - Going out jacket combo with High water boots

[Open] - Imperfections/Holes on Riverbed Rolled Shorts

[Open] - Holes in Cupid’s Arrow Satin shorts and Gothic Glamour Blouse

[Open]Punch of punk choker is not visible or has imperfections

[Open] - Carnaby Knee-High Boots Color Swatches Disappeared

[Open] - Visual glitch on legs on Right on Track Tracksuit

[Fixed?] - Visual problem with the Forget-Me-Not boots

[Open] - Athleisure Leggings are placed under wrong CAS category

[Open] - Holes and imperfections on the Ruche & Ruffle Pencil Skirt

[Open] - Imperfections on Poppin' Collars Necklace

[Open] - Imperfections on Cutely Curled Side Style

[Fixed?] - ‘Smuggler Gear’ outfit doesn’t recognize shoes/pants limits

[Fixed?] - Imperfections on Double Agent Dress


CAS hair

[Open]Bald spot in the Preppy Ponytail

[Open] - Oh So Fine Hairstyle Bald Spot


- Party 

Issues with your own or parties from others.

[Open] - Cannot return to party

[Open]Party timer won’t reset

[Open] - Missing Career/Hobby Icons on Party-Search

[Open] - Levelling up account while at a party and not getting extra energy

[Open]No sims in parties after Fashionista update

[Open] - Party guests spawn at another party

[Open] - Party Chat doesn't reflect the actual party level

[Open] - Can't start a party

[Open]Modelling career home items

[Open] - Not receiving party notifications

[Open]Alfred the Anglerfish missing the party action in OWN party

[Open] - Party progress disappears on own party (0 stars)

[Open] - Very few sims visible at parties

Might be related: [Open] - Party guests appear on the far ends of the sidewalk

[Open] - Friends only party switches to Open for everyone

[Open] - Party ends shortly after starting no error

[Open] - App Crashes when Attempting to Attend Certain Parties

[Open] - Party chat shows code instead of normal messages

[Open] - Chat on Hold: Party Chat not available

[Open] - Other players can attend my parties but I can't

[Open] - Party timer won’t reset



- Work

Issues at the workplace of your Sims.

[Open] - Fashion studio not always offering 95 star action

[Open] - Sim can't DJ after risky action


- Hobby

Issues with hobbies.


- Quests

Issues with the quests 

[Open]Quest menu is asking me to place items I don't have


- Events

Issues with normal events, family events or special (limited time) events.

[Open] - Missing Internet Icon quest

[Fixed?] - Snuggle-Up Sectional Sofa won't allow tasks to be completed

[Open] - Wrong initial duration displayed on event/hangout cards

- Sweet Treat Showdown

Issues with the sweet treat showdown.

[Open][Info needed] - Missing the Grand Prize from 'Charming Gardens' STS

[Open] - NPCs showing up in normal clothing at STS

[Open] - Sweet Treat Challenge bake off start button unresponsive

[Open] - Prizes change on STS when leaving game mid challenge

[Open] - Sim is unable to do STS

[Open] - Dessert appeared as both Perfection & Disaster



- Eco Workshop

[Open] - Multiple sims sitting in a chair at Eco Workshop

[Open] - No action available on computer and soldering table at the Eco Workshop





List updated 24th of February




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Re: List of known bugs

EA app Team

Hi @Phantomlover1717,

Thanks for taking the time to do a list with the reports from other Simmers, hope it's helpful for everyone! Standard smile

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Re: List of known bugs

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Special events

Hot tub event:


Easter event:


ASOS event:


World of Luxury Event:


Internet Icon Event:


Halloween Event:









World of Luxury 2:



Be My Valentine:



Anniversary quest:


Backyard Barbecue:


Internet Icon:



Halloween event:



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