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List of known bugs

by Phantomlover1717

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List of known bugs

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Please read about How the bug forum works before posting your own bug report.
Thank you! 

The list of known bugs is an overview to find the bugs reported on Answers HQ quick and easy.
Bugs not mentioned on the list, or removed from this list aren't necessarily forgotten by EA.
The list is independent of how EA manages confirmed bugs.





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List of known bugs

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- Collection posts

Posts about the same problem but with different objects involved or different models of phones.

[Collection thread] - Items missing after patch

[Collection thread] - Issues with certain devices


- App issues

Issues with the user interface, cloud, social options, store, settings or ads

[Fixed?] - No adverts

[Open] - Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

[Open][Workaround] - Unable to accept or decline friend request

[Fixed?] - Bad Graphics Quality

[Open]Tutorial message from previous game partially covers screen

[Open]Game keeps crashing

[Open] - Tinkerer Heirloom Missing from Store & Retirement Chests

[Open]Connection Issue with the loading screen

[Fixed?] - Black Screen After Sep 11th update

[Open] - Game lagging after Sep 11th update

[Open] - Misaligned Object Name & Descriptions


- Game issues 

Issues with the game itself.

[Fixed?] - Sims are missing at locations 

[Open][Info needed] - Hours pass but Sims don't finish their work

[Open]Friends/ Contact list disappeared

[Open]Missing Mailbox in home lot

[Open] - Sims stand around on home lot



[Open] - Broken rooms and blue cars

[Open]Need to improve lifestyle to unlock land

[Open] Can't move objects

[Open]Glorius Hardwood changes color

[Open] - Objects showing up as blocked after being placed

[Open] - Missing Event Items from “Buy” Tab - After QoL update

[Fixed?] - New Item Indicator Dot at Work Places after QoL Update

[Open] - Iconic computer station not recognized as part of the hobby collection

[Open] - Backyard BBQ event - Number of owned items is not specified in storage

[Fixed?]Non-Functional Curtains



[Open]Ancient elder NPCs don't disappear

[Open] - Risky action missing when Sims says it's ready for it

[Open] - Adult has teaching moment bubble

[Open] - Toddler doesn't show up for interactions

[Open] - Garden Gnome Mascot suit results in Sudden Onset Baldness

[Fixed?]Stretched Toddlers and Children

[Open] - Sim shrinking

[Open]Sims are a little twitchy

[Open] - Make space for Sim already in household

[Open] - Sims can’t interact with toddlers using objects

[Open] - Sim takes up 2 beds when having a baby

[Open] - Full household dialog box does not appear when adding new NPC

[Open]Toddler floating on air instead of sleeping in bed

[Open] - Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in



[Fixed?]Issues with body mass

[Open] - Ability to change Sims genetics when it shouldn't be possible

Izzy and fashion gems

[Open] - Two stickers needed for one Sim

[Open] - Icons Not Always Showing on Izzy Shop Rolls

[Open] - Beachy effect is not showing up in the Izzy shop



Retirement, promotions, generations and Heirlooms

[Open] - Can't retire sim

[Fixed?] Retired sim not showing in the family generations

[Open] - Can’t move out sim upon retirement


- Graphical

Issues with how things look or act.

[Open] - "z Z z" sleeping effect stays on Sim after waking up

[Open] - Items spawn on top and in each other

[Fixed?] - Guitar changes color when being used

[Open] NPC is missing in career

[Open] - Objects out of place when performing action

[Open] - Specific Sims are glitching like Vikram

[Open] - Blanket Arizona plant goes through walls

[Open] - Guitar sinks into the floor

[Fixed][STS] - Reward Bonus Icon Misalignment in Events

[Open] - Holiday Hearth Has Lost Its Fire

[Open] - Skin of Sim shown on Gnome suite


CAS clothing

[Open] - No Visible Bracelet for Nicely Knit Sweater Dress

[Open] - Hole due to Artistic Angles Mini skirt

[Open]Cuts and holes on cowboy boots when sims wears Boot-cut Slacks

[Open]Line through Elegant Tradition skirt

[Open] - Soft Spot for Softness can't be combined with necklace

[Open] - Going out jacket combo with High water boots

[Fixed?]Imperfections and cuts on Jeans Combo with different kind of shoes

[Open] - Imperfections/Holes on Riverbed Rolled Shorts

[Fixed?] - Holes in Cupid’s Arrow Satin shorts and Gothic Glamour Blouse

[Open] - Graphical Issues with Battle Goth Combat Boots

[Open]Punch of punk choker is not visible or has imperfections

[Fixed?]Imperfections on Haungtingly Beautiful Dress

[Fixed?] - Sunny days gardening outfit changes hat colour

[Open] - Gothic Glamour Blouse Swatches Changed

[Open] - Imperfections on pants when paired with Moschino boots


CAS hair

[Open]Bald spot in the Preppy Ponytail

[Open] - Mohawk Updo has black spots


- Party 

Issues with your own or parties from others.

[Open] - Cannot return to party

[Open] - Never started party ends when launching app

[Open] - Missing Career/Hobby Icons on Party-Search

[Open] - Levelling up account while at a party and not getting extra energy

[Open] - Fireworks - party action has wrong label

[Open]Party switches from Friends Only to Everyone

[Open]Party failed to start [Network error 450]

[Open]No sims in parties after Fashionista update

[Open] - Points not listed on new items

[Open] - Sims not showing up for action

[Open] - Party guests spawn at another party

[Open] - Party Chat doesn't reflect the actual party level

[Open] - Can't start a party


- Work

Issues at the workplace of your Sims.

[Open]Can't continue A Cut Above Stylist Career

[Open] - Fashion studio not always offering 95 star action


- Hobby

Issues with hobbies.


- Quests

Issues with the quests 


- Events

Issues with normal events, family events or special (limited time) events.
[Open] Old special events showing up

[Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

[Open] - Missing Internet Icon quest

[Open] - Issues with the baby quest not starting or finishing

- Sweet Treat Showdown

Issues with the sweet treat showdown.

[Fixed?] - Sim stuck in Sweet Treat Challenge

[Open][Info needed] - Missing the Grand Prize from 'Charming Gardens' STS




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Re: List of known bugs

Community Manager

Hi @Phantomlover1717,

Thanks for taking the time to do a list with the reports from other Simmers, hope it's helpful for everyone! Standard smile

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Re: List of known bugs

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Special events

Hot tub event:


Easter event:


ASOS event:


World of Luxury Event:


Internet Icon Event:


Halloween Event:









World of Luxury 2:



Be My Valentine:



Anniversary quest:


Backyard Barbecue:


Internet Icon:



Halloween event:



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