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Legendary/masterwork special abilities non-functional or under-functional

by thekenneyd

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Legendary/masterwork special abilities non-functional or under-functional

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Product: Anthem
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Please specify your platform model. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
Please select your region North America
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? Yes
What type of Expedition were you on when the issue occurred? Mission
What was the name of the Mission / Contract / Stronghold you were on? Tyrant mine
What was your chosen difficulty level? Grandmaster 1
What Javelin were you using when the issue occurred? Ranger
What was your Expedition team makeup? Random Freelancers
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. Boss fight with swarm tyrant.
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 10.04.19
Summarize your bug When using the legendary version of “avenging herald” the damage bonus while hovering does not increase to the stated 200% when on the ground, the weapon dealt roughly 1600 damage per shot, when hovering it averaged around 2000. My math skills aren’t amazing but that’s not a 200% weapon damage increase.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Use avenging herald and compare hovering and ground damage results
What happens when the bug occurs? Damage is not increased by 200% when hovering as the ability claims
What should be happening instead? A 200% increase in weapon damage should be present when hovering as stated in the ability

For a while I had been underwhelmed by the damage output of the “avenging herald” while hovering because there didn’t seem to be a significant difference between when I was hovering vs when I was on the ground using the weapon. I reference my specific encounter today at tyrant mine where the math did not make sense. The base damage of my legendary “avenging herald” is 1477


when hitting the swarm tyrant while under acid effect, I was dealing 1600 damage on the ground and 2000 while hovering. That’s not a 200% improvement in weapon damage. 

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