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Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged


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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

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fixed? ROFLMAO, nope now even more things are FUBAR. I even rolled up another pilot to 23 and fully equipped each lvl rarity. NADA
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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

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@tecknotot wrote:
Maybe its not done yet and just a placeholder?

What do you think is a place holder? I have completed every challenge in the game, there are no place holders currently in the game.

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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

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I figured it out, posted on Reddit here ( Reposted here for your convenience:

tl;dr: Start the story from the beginning on the same account as a new pilot (you have three slots, can be done from the title screen, your old progress will not be affected), and play until you get to the end of the story and the credits roll. The challenge will be complete afterwards assuming you already met all the requirements.

...So, in the current patch (1.1.0), Legendary Freelancer is fixed, but not retroactively. New players shouldn't have a problem, but old players...for the Javelin challenges that were bugged for many of us, the simple solution is to create Uncommon/Rare/Epic/MW builds (by starting with a new, default build) and run a mission with them. They'll check off now (this is what I did first). The Complete Mission Challenges objective that was also what that ??? challenge under Expeditions was this whole time (see here ( for a screenshot of what the Complete Mission Challenges challenge looks like). Subobjectives for that are Complete Agent Challenges, Complete Mission: Return to the Heart of Rage, Dax: Emerald Abyss, and Matthias: Triple Threat. The way I understand this is, the game was not lying when the ??? challenge said you need to play more of the game to unlock it. Just that, the trigger point where it's supposed to unlock was broken. I'm thinking it was supposed to become visible after you finish the mission Return to the Heart of Rage, see the credits roll, and officially enter the postgame. In my case, I had cleared all missions a long time ago as my main pilot, and I only started a new pilot in hopes the challenge would trigger after I had checked off everything under Legendary Freelancer except for the very last objective (Complete Mission Challenges). As soon as I loaded back into Fort Tarsis after the credits rolled and post-credits scenes were over, the ??? challenge was revealed and both that and Legendary Freelancer were placed in the Completed Challenges lists, both of them having everything checked off.

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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

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Also having this big as well as I still cant complete brinns questline

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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

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What was your workaround?  The only boxes I have unchecked are the javelin rarity challenges and the "complete mission challenges" at the bottom?  What's that last one even require for completion?

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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

@masterhand3 wrote:

I figured it out,

Thanks, in combination with the patch 1.1.0 'fix', this solved it for me.


After making the different rarity Javelins and running one mission with them, I made a new Pilot and ran straight along the critical path storyline on Easy,


Yes, it did take some hours, but it's not as if I haven't played for many hours and it was nice to see the story played out on one day.


After the Return to the Heart of Rage mission, both the mission checkbox and '???' checkbox popped, completing the 'legendary freelancer' challenge.


This graphic (Battle Ready) is the reward along with some coin.


Screenshot 2019-04-26 01.09.02.png 

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Re: Legendary Freelancer Challenge bugged

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Yep same here
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