Re: Latest update won’t load

by JonCoctostan

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Re: Latest update won’t load

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Its not working yet. Lost executor mission due this bug

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Re: Latest update won’t load

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Yes and no, spent most of the evening trying and failing to reload your assets and frowning at the unhelpful "there's a problem with your connection" message (I assume because your servers were overloaded as my experience didn't change with or without WiFi to prove my gigafiber wasn't the issue)


Better the next day but the Executor shards... does anyone in your org understand that limited availability events are only fair when your **** can be counted on to function correctly? Or is that as difficult as understanding why server capacity should never be the limiting factor for an org the size of EA?


Not you specifically, of course - I mean the corporate "you". I appreciate you the customer service individual.

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