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Re: Sims can't go upstairs

by CLB_Rudolf_F

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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Hey, everyone. The same thing happened to me. After reading the descriptions of the problem, I had an idea that worked for me: build another room, using "Flat Square," over the stairs that are not working. It just needed to be large enough that the stairs removed the floor above them on their own. Now, the stairs work, and everything is visually the same as before. Hope this helps.

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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This also affects the Old Quarter Inn and the Partihaus household in Windenburg
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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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Same problem over here. Nothing helps. I even can´t click on the cellar-floor - no speech bell appears(feet-symbol). Any patch announced?

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@CLB_Rudolf_F EA doesn't do that!

Haven't had that happen with a cellar - generally, when stairs are malfunctioning, you still get the footy-prints at the bottom and the top, and then the Sims wave their arms with a "can't go there" thought bubble. Makes me think there might be a "deadzone" in your cellar around stairbase where Sims just can't walk. If you can, try moving cellar stairs one over, or teleport Sims down there to see if they can walk on all parts of floor. The fix is to try to replace those little grid units with walkable tiles, but haven't tried with cellar before.
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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@sylvernanI just tried this and ... good lord, it works. I don't understand. It shouldn't work, but it does.


Normally, a "room" in the game must have EITHER all sides defined by walls/fences/spandrels/whatever OR a floor. The "room" this creates has neither (no floor, obviously, since it's meant to be an open space over a double-height room; and no walls where it meets the dummy "floor" over the stairs) and yet it hasn't exploded, which is what usually happens when you delete one wall of a room with no floor. Nor has it absorbed the dummy "room" even when I put the ceiling back on it. I don't understand.


(PS: Just a note to everyone else who's fussy about room integrity: the dummy room made with the flat square won't have a ceiling. You'll want to put that back yourself.)

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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Yes! Finally! This totally worked, @sylvernan. I haven't been able to play in months. Thank you!

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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Hello EA please read this and help us!

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Re: Sims can't go upstairs

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So I learned my particular problem is actually the shape of the stairs. Due to this exact same problem everyone is having, the work around wouldn't work for me because I had the stairs completely wrapped around itself. It used to work, but with this recent update, the stairs being shaped like that conflicts with the ceiling and all work arounds people have come up with. The infuriating thing about this is that it won't be fixed. I won't be able to use those stairs ever again. I'm regretting more and more ever paying money for this glitch of a game.

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Re: Sims can't go upstairs

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Why are you sure, they will not patch this?

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Re: Sims can't go upstairs

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@CLB_Rudolf_F EA Rarely patches the game unless the bug completely breaks the game, causing it not to load. If the bug will still allow the game to load, they won't fix it.

I've got bug reports years old that were never fixed. Some, I fixed myself, a single line of code added. Simplicity itself to fix, but never done.

Good thing is, modders will usually fix things. Not sure about this bug though. It'll be a lot harder for modders to fix.

You'll likely just need to learn a different way to build stairs and just deal with it.
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