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Info for Admins, Moderators, and Heroes

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Thank you all admins/mods/heroes for pitching in on sorting forum posts.


While it's generally fine to move posts that better belong in other forums, here are some guidelines for what should definitely stay in the accessibility space. This is not a complete list.


  • Photo-sensitivity, including issues causing eye discomfort, nausea, migraines, etc
  • Any issue regarding sensory processing overload
  • Input configuration issues that cause problems playing, or discomfort
  • Support for alternate input devices, such as eye tracking
  • Trouble distinguishing things due to brightness, contrast, size, or color
  • Meaningful audio cues that lack haptic (controller vibration) or visual cues
  • Meaningful visual cues that lack haptic or audio cues
  • Issues regarding subtitles and captioning, such as missing text or non-ideal font
  • Issues regarding inability to navigate menus
  • Requests for feature lists for a particular game
  • Requests for text-based manuals for a particular game
  • Requests for new sections for guides for the blind and visually impaired

If in doubt, please don't move the post.


If you know of a post in another forum that relates to the post in question, best thing to do is provide links to/from the external post, as opposed to moving/merging threads. Accessibility is given a higher priority than most issues, so when the issues are clumped by product, they tend to get lost in the shuffle. This forum was created to highlight accessibility, for this reason.


If you have any general questions, you are welcome to PM me or comment on this thread.


Also, EA SPORTS might be in my title, but these forums are intended to cover all EA games.


Thanks again for your assistance.


Karen Stevens

EA SPORTS Accessibility Lead

Karen Stevens
EA SPORTS Accessibility Lead
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