[INFORMATION] Common Game Fixing Mods - Hero Approved

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[INFORMATION] Common Game Fixing Mods - Hero Approved

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Hey there Simmers,


We know that many of you enjoy using Mods to help shape and change the game in different ways and you are aware that here on AHQ we have a standing rule that links for Mods are a no-go. This rule is not changing. 


But we have recognized that some Mods have become standard go-to's for fixing some smaller game issues that have not been addressed so far, and that it has been frustrating to both community members and our AHQ Heroes and Champions not to be allowed to share them here. 


With this being said, we have given permission for this thread to be here because we are hoping that it will help you, our players, to play. It will be maintained by our Heroes and Champions to house links to mods that they support as solutions to common game issues.


To affirm: EA, Maxis, and the AHQ team have not verified these mods, their safety to your PC, or game. 

We encourage you to use safe practices when downloading and utilizing any Mod from any location by using appropriate anti-virus/anti-malware tools and checks. 


Happy Simming!


Update: This thread is now out of date. The No Mods Rule is no more, bring on the (appropriate) mods. 


This thread will stay in its current format for the moment as a repository for popular mods and bug fixes maintained by the Community Connections Program.


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Generally useful mods

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The Sims series wouldn't be what it is without Mods and Custom Content. A lot of people use it and that's totally fine. EA doesn't officially support mods though and you'll be using them at your own risk.


  • A mod is something that changes the game code and because of this, each and every mod needs to be checked with every new patch or they can cause issues.
  • Custom content such as clothing and hair can also become obsolete but not as often. 

For the bug forum, this means that you should


  1. Test your game without mods
  2. Remove all your mods BEFORE the patching process and only put them back if the creators says it's ok to use.

Please do NOT report anything before you have done this. There's a lot of legit issues around and EA doesn't look into errors with mods. You need to take these to the creator of the mod.


Mod Instructions


Generally useful mods/Tools


The following mods have several mechanism that can help with troubleshooting. They don't necessarily have bug fixes themselves but they can help you troubleshoot your game.


The following Tools can be of great help. Those are third party installations. They do not go into your mods folder


Known Modders that often post Bug Fixes


As I'm not always on top of all the mod fixes, this is a list of modders that often have fixes for bugs on their sites.


  • Bienchen: Tweaks and bug fixes
  • LeRoiDeTout: Often has bug fixes for LastExceptions
  • LittleMsSam: Her Bug Fix mods are all in one Download. You download them all and then put the ones you want in your game.
  • ModTheSims: Go to Site for lots of mods. Bug fixes and other stuff.
  • Simvasion: Various bug fixes
  • TwistedMexi: Various Tools to make your life easier
  • Weerbesu: Various Tools and GUI Extensions (UI Cheat Extension, More Columns in CAS)

Good Luck


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Bug Fixes

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This list is kept a bit longer but won't be updated anymore. We are now allowed to link mods so it's best to directly link them in the bug reports.


The following mods are bug fixes for known issues. Several of the creators listed in the post above also have lots of mods that aren't directly intended to fix your bug but can help nonetheless (for example by turning off autonomy for a particular interaction) so check those sites as well.


Disclaimer: Please always read the description of the mod what the mod actually does. I have not tested ever fix and some mods also have other functionality. Make sure it does what you want.


Bug Mod Fix Creator
Bear phase moodlet remains after phase childhoodphasetweak 83bienchen
Can't resume Custom Mixes Dj Custom Mix Fixes simvasion
Can't Sing Karaoke Duets with Groups During Festivals karaokeduetfilterfix 83bienchen
Can't use Hot Pot with Simple Living Lot Challenge Hot Pot Simple Living Rex & The Sims
Cats Do Not Kill City Living TLC Apt. Mice mouseholetweak 83bienchen
Coffee maker using 7200 units of power on off the grid lot Coffee Makers Power Consumption Bug Fix Aramiteus
Controlled Sims pulling out portable computers at libraries Fix For Sims Using Laptops They Don’t Have thefreshsims
Counters disappear/NPC Stealing (Sharing is Caring active) napoverhaul 83bienchen
Counters disappear/NPC Stealing (Sharing is Caring active) Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes simvasion
Generated NPCs wearing hats /socks/accessories on all clothes no random hatsaccessories and makeup 83bienchen
Giving Catnip to cats cancels immediately Catnip Fix thunder1143
Green Gardening: Unclear that insect farm/bee box needed for NAP Green Gardening Civic Policy Fix lotharihoe
Growth fertilizers are not consumed on use and have no effect on crops Growth Fertilizer Fix simvasion
Kids not learning motor skill from juggling soccer ball Discover University Sports-related Bug Fixes Zerbu
Knitting Skill books not giving skill Knitting Skill Book Fix simvasion
Large Bills on Mt. Komorobi lots due to high power usage Mt. Komorebi Power Fix! gettp
Last Exception on exploring jungle "PopService" Exception Bugfix leroidetout
Last Exception with Fertilizing plants Fertilizer Error Workaround Fix thunder1143
LE for Family/Angler/Athetic Aspiration Aspiration Fix LittleMsSam
LE: Exception while processing telemetry hooks Performance Commands / Get Relationship Metrics Error Fix leroidetout
LE: SetAgeProgress SetAgeProgress Error Bandaid leroidetout
Lifeguard part time job cannot take a day off Teen Lifeguard Career PTO Fix thunder1143
Lifestyle Moodlets Appearing after removing lifestyle removelifestylefix 83bienchen
Limited shower choices while Energized (open showers) Energized Shower Interaction Fix thunder1143
Lovelorn Moodlet without romantic trait Hides the Lovelorn Tense Moodlet Manderz0630
Married Sims Are Asked on Blind Dates Get Famous Blind Date Fixes thefreshsims
My Poor Sims Are Receiving Money Randomly Less Bunny Rewards LittleMsSam
Necrocall and Dedeathify not working properly Overheating Resurrection Fix thefreshsims
New Year Resolution: 'Loose Weight' not fulfilling Lose Weight / Get Fit New Year's resolution bugfix Rifsunot
Non-Active Sims get 'Not Enough Exercise' from Kick Soccer Ball soccer_noantsybuff 83bienchen
Not receiving royalties (GF not Installed) Royalty Tracker_Fix leroidetout
NPCs ask other Sims regardless of age/rel status to become GF/BF/BFF NPC Relationship Autonomy Fix LittleMsSam
Ocean doesn't count as Water Fun for Toddler waterfuntraditiongoalfix 83bienchen
Off Grid Living: Can't adopt pet from phone Off the Grid Adoption Fix thunder1143
Pan De Muerto sells for §0 in Retail Pan De Muerto Retail Price Fix Menaceman44
Pet cats can't use the litter boxes Pets can find Pet Stuff on other Floors Deathcofi
Pizza Delivery: Delivery person becomes unclickable after delivering pizza Food Deliver Fix simvasion
Restaurant Customers Never Order Dessert restaurantmealfix 83bienchen
Restaurant isn't loading with error code 123:20ece5dd:bee5c638 No more placemats - no more broken restaurants VeiledWoman
Roomate blows kisses to toddler Fix For Roommate Behaviors Not Checking Valid Ages thefreshsims
Roommates' boyfriends/girlfriends are already married sims Fixes For Roommate Significant Other Situation thefreshsims
Scared Servos don't have appropriate facial expressions Scared Buff Fix for Servos SkyGuy15
Scientist: Research Machine causing breakthroughs for non-Scientist Breakthrough Fix LittleMsSam
Serenading causes romance bar with inappropriate age groups Fix For Roommate Behaviors Not Checking Valid Ages thefreshsims
Servo with Robonanny cooks non-stop when toddler/child is not on lot RoboNanny Don't Cook Rex & The Sims
Servos Get Sick Servos Don't Get Sick thunder1143
Sim reset while making Herbalism Potion Herbalism Potion Resetting Fix SpinningPlumbobs
Sim route fails when resuming knitting Better Knit FDSims4Mods
Sim using umbrella inside when raining outside carryumbrellafix 83bienchen
Sims call to help with kids although no kids in household callandvisittweak_infantintrofix 83bienchen
Sims can't try for baby or woohoo in walk in closet Woohoo in Closet Fix simvasion
Sims keep eating spoiled food Stop Eating Spoiled Food Fix LittleMsSam
Sims obsessivly wash hands again onlyautowashhandsafterpee 83bienchen
Single sim can’t sunbathe naked around a puppy Can’t Bathe Around Kittens or Puppies Bug Fix Lot 51
Sleeping Sims not awoken by loud noises happening nearby It's a Crying Shame scumbumbo
Socials for vow renewal available between Married Sims Spouse Interactions Fix (No Wedding Role Socials When Married ) thunder1143
Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake - Conflicting Moodlets Sugar-Free Carob Cake Fix Simularity
Teens randomly stop taking exams Take Exam Fix LittleMsSam
Teens/Kids getting stuck in phases on rotational play childhoodphasetweak 83bienchen
Texture Bleed on Perfect Patio Male Open Layered Shirt Perfect Patio Open Layered Shirt Fix Menaceman44
Toddlers can't use elevators Elevator Fix for Toddler & Pets LittleMsSam
Toddlers not receiving Top Notch/Happy Toddler traits on aging up Toddler Reward Trait Fix mmc-mods
Toddlers stretch when using umbrella noumbrellasfortoddlers 83bienchen
Toddlers stretch when using umbrella Toddlers stretch when using umbrella thefreshsims
Toddlers Won't Show Up At Parks When Invited By Phone Invite over NPC Toddler on Park Venue Fix LittleMsSam
Unable to light fireworks Fireworks Fix simvasion
Unlinking any Modular Furniture causes LE and unexpected behaviour Slot Type Error Bandaid thunder1143
Upgraded fire-proof objects catching fire a lot Fireguard Means No Fire LittleMsSam
Vampires are constantly disappearing and reappearing backwards Vampire Interactions Fixes mod simvasion
Vampires Obsessively Wash Hands onlyautowashhandsafterpee 83bienchen
Walk down aisle not being fulfilled by sending two sims interaction walkaislegoalfix 83bienchen
Werewolf eyes glitching out on aging up Fix For No Random Werewolf Eyes Lorea
Write Song / Book / Lyrics Loses Progress Resume Writing Workaround Fix LittleMsSam

Good Luck


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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