How to report a bug in Apex Legends

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How to report a bug in Apex Legends

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Hello everyone,


Welcome to the Bug Reports section. 


We do our best when developing our games, but unfortunately, software bugs are a reality of game development. While we work to squash as many as possible, we know that some can slip through.


We want to ensure you have the best gameplay experience possible, so it's highly appreciated if you're able to take the time to report any bugs or give us feedback about your experience. 


When you report a bug, we review the reports and work with the game development team to identify the reported bugs and issues that most impact our players.


Please keep all posts in the right section:

  • General Discussion: Feedback and discussion points should be posted in the General Discussion forum.
  • Feedback: Feedback regarding Legends, Weapons, Maps, or the game in general should be posted in the relevant Feedback forum.
  • Technical Issues: Advice and discussion of technical issues should be posted in the Technical Issues forum.
  • Bug Reports: Reports about bugs and glitches should be posted here in the Bug Reports forum.

It can sometimes be confusing whether an issue is due to a bug or a technical issue. It's okay if you're unsure where to post, however as a quick rule of thumb a bug would need to be fixed in a patch/update, while a technical issue might be fixable with troubleshooting.


  • Bugs would include things like level geometry issues, missing textures or broken animations.
  • Technical issues would consist of crashes on startup, game instability and performance issues. 

When providing information on a bug report, posting on an existing thread is okay if your issue is exactly the same as the original post. If you are experiencing a similar issue with slight variations, please create your own topic.


  • If you find multiple bugs, create a separate thread for each one. While this may seem tedious, It helps us get to the point of the bugs making a more effective experience for you and us. 
  • Please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue. Starting posts with "I need help!" or "Can't play no matter what" only serves to make your issue harder to resolve. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but posting in an abusive or disparaging manner will not be tolerated and does not advance our goal of assisting the widest audience of players in this forum.


How to fill out your bug report:


A vital part of a bug report is that we can reproduce the issue you are seeing. Having clear text on what you did or a video can be a lifesaver for us. In the below fields is very vital for us that we understand what you mean when a bug occurs. Using clear and easy descriptions helps a lot.




I can't post I get an error: 


If you have issues posting your bug report, make sure you fill out the last part of the bug report section, and don't forget to write down any extra information that you may have missed.




Thank you for reading this guide and a big thank you for your help! 


Your team at EA

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