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Healing shortcuts

by N_Thekiid

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Re: Healing shortcuts

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@EA_David Take your's not like this affects anyone's play *eyeroll*
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Re: Healing shortcuts

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@DrooTrick I'm glad you mentioned that Octane sound bug, I thought I was going mad the other night as had his jump pad sound going off every 5-10 seconds but none of my friends of team could hear it... you can't play a game under those conditions.


If EA/Repsawn want to save Apex at all they not only need to fix these bugs and do something about all the cheaters but also the season 2 battlepass needs to be kick *... and from the look of the E3 presentation its about as kick * as an Infinity War Hulk Frown


Its absolutely ridiculous that one week later they haven't fixed the healing shortcuts - I would be deeply shocked if it actually took a couple of programmers much more than an afternoon to fix that one!!

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Re: Healing shortcuts

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All fixed today.

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Re: Healing wheel items don't show up upon pressing the keybind

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I've noticed that you said that it's harder to reproduce.


From what I've noticed it mostly happens during intense combat, maybe moving the mouse too quickly after popping the wheel, or too many particle effects are flying around.


In some games there's a few glitches that happen by running a 144HZ(main one) monitor and a 60HZ one. A while ago, it was a driver related issue, where the gpu wouldn't enter its boost state, even if you're in a game; this one is not really related to the healing wheel but something might be happening 'behind the scenes' with the drivers.

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