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Re: Healing shortcuts

by Gunblade0

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Re: Healing shortcuts

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Same problem

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Re: Healing shortcuts

Community Manager

Thank you for the posts, we're looking into it. 

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Re: Healing shortcuts

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this happens alot to me i thought its my mouse but it's not cause if i try using the mouse 4 and 5 in the settings it work but only in the match they wont work..damn im so excited about the rewards but damn they should compensate to this issues they should extend the date..

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Re: Healing shortcuts

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Same problem here, none of my healing/shields working after new update. Even with default settings its not working.

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Re: Healing wheel items don't show up upon pressing the keybind

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Still happening, just did in an earlier match. I've seen it happen on stream too, a while ago, so it's not only me.

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Re: Healing shortcuts

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yeah, same for me. i have to open the inventory to use them because no related key works
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Binds aren't working anymore!

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since the update I had to download the english version of the game to avoid the voices in my own language.


But now I got a problem : my binds aren't working

i usually put x,c ,4, t, mouse5 for heals & shields & phoenix but the game doesn't reconize it I guess


My english isn't on point so it will be easier to understand through the screens 


I already tried to reinstall the game, changed everything, tried cfg, nothing works. Only the "wheel" wich allow you to use beetwin heals/shields works but I don't play with that





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Re: Binds aren't working anymore!

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yeah same here since update my mouse buttons no longer work to use syringe or cells

tried resetting to default and rebindng but to no avail

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Re: Binds aren't working anymore!

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keep me updated if you found a solution I got nothing so far
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Re: Binds aren't working anymore!

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Same here... hotkeys off
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