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Re: Grand Arena Lock-In/Squad Loadout Bug

by kiel9009

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Grand Arena Lock-In/Squad Loadout Bug

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Android Phone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? Repeatable on Android Tablet, Android Phone, and Ipad.
OS Version Current as of 5/2/19
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 519552571
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug You are able to use the live version of your characters by selecting them in the squad loadout tool, after the lock-in for Grand Arena.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Lock in characters for Grand Arena. Make note of the attribute you want to change on a character (speed, ability, probably works with gear levels too). Go to your live roster and change that attribute (remove/swap mods, add an ability upgrade like the zeta in the video below, etc). Go back to Grand Arena, and select the battle you want. Then using only the Squad Loadout tab, select your team with the updated Character. Without checking that character's statistics, start the battle. You are now using the live version of that character, rather than the locked-in version.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region North America
Country United States

Copied from Reddit post I made:

I've noticed for a while that using the squad loadouts, you're able to use the most current version of your character even after the lockout. I made a video of me applying Jedi Revan's 'Direct Focus' zeta after the lock in, on the second battle of this grand arena, and being able to use the ability with the zeta. I went into the lockout without the zeta, yet in the battle the stun, increase cooldowns, and buff immunity took effect.

What I assume is happening, is that when you select the team from the squad loadout, it's the most current version of those characters, and so that's what it pulls. I have not tested it by applying a zeta (moving mods, increasing gear level, or leveling up abilities should all work in theory) and pulling them just from the select characters screen.

I believe Bulldog1205 also showed this in one of his recent videos with mods being different than what the lockout version of the characters show.

In my opinion this is kind of a big deal, on offense this technique can be very easily abused in order to give you an edge.

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Re: Grand Arena Lock-In/Squad Loadout Bug

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Unfortunately it works both ways, if you remove mods after player lock, you also go mod-less into ga/tw battle. It has been flagged as a bug here:
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