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Getting always the same Masterwork

by dertod133

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Getting always the same Masterwork

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Product: Anthem
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number 10DE 1F08 1F0810DE
Enter RAM memory size in GB 32 GB
Please select your region Europe
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? Yes
What Javelin were you using when the issue occurred? Interceptor
What type of Expedition were you on when the issue occurred? Stronghold
What was your Expedition team makeup? Random Freelancers
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. At the end of en Expedition where my loot shows up / Forge
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 21.02.2019 17:50 GMT+1
Summarize your bug I finished a Stronghold mission (Temple of Scar) on GM2. I got like 4 Masterworks and 3 Legendarys. After every Item showed up I went back to Fort Tarsis and then straight into the forge. But instead of the Items I got when finishing the Stronghold I got 7x "Cariff's Talon". This happened yesterday too and I dont know how I can make progress when everything I can get is "Cariff's Talon". The next Problem is that I couldn't even equipp one of them. When I tried to equipp one I just got an error.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I don't know how or why it's happening ... It started to appear like yesterday in the evening when I was farming GM2. In the beginning I got like 2-3 things normally and then it started to give me only "Cariff's Talon"
What happens when the bug occurs? Nothing special. Saw the Masterworks and Legendarys in the Item-Screen after finishing the Expiditon and in the forge none of them was there only "Cariff's Talon" with the stats the normal items had in the Item-screen. The thing is that I wasted like 8 hpurs of farming for a ton of "Cariff's Talon"
What should be happening instead? Getting the right Items that shows up after getting them

Kinda sucks when you try to improve your gear and all you get is the same Masterwork and you cant even use them.

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