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Re: Game freezes at loading cantina

by wdg96

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Game freezes at loading cantina

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I have recently installed SWGOH.

I first played without linking my Gmail account to it and could perfectly close and re-open the app. However when I linked it, I couldn't close amd successfully re-open the SWGOH application without it being stuck on loading cantina.


I have already tried deleting cache from SWGOH and google play store with and without WiFi turned off. And I have also tried re-installing the application. 

Nothing seems to work.


Can someone help me with this technical issue? (Btw loading the game from belgium)

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Re: Game freezes at loading cantina

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Re: Game freezes at loading cantina

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team
Hi there,

Apologies for the late response on this issue.

My first question is: are you able to launch the game and get to the Home Screen? If so, can you please provide your Ally Code (which is a 9 digit number that you can get when clicking on your player name)?

If you are unable to get past the loading screen at all, you can try the following:
- Try signing in with your Google Play account using a different device - If this works, it means that the issue is with your personal device and you might need to do some more troubleshooting or even a factory reset.
- If you have any friends or guild mates that you know, and can contact them, you can get them to check what is your Ally Code.

PS: Moving this topic to Bugs&Issues for better visibility.
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Re: Game freezes at loading cantina

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Just FYI: I've seen this issue too, when the game seemingly 'freezes' on startup with the message 'loading cantina'


What I suspect is going on:
- After a content update (or a game change on the server-side)

- Stuff needs to get sync'd up again on the client

- And in some cases, it seems like there are 'general things' that need to get updated, which are NOT marked with the usual download bar, and make it look like the game is 'hung'


Try this:

- If the app is running stop/kill it (just to force it to load again - Dont need to 're-install' it)

- Make sure you're on Wifi (just so that any potential download the client has to do can happen 'faster'....

- Start the game

- And go get coffee or something. Leave it sitting for a few minutes (It will come up eventually)


For CG support:
- It seems like there is an issue with the client-sync after a content update (I had a couple of these cases recently too)

- And either there is some kind of wait-till-timeout-hits kind of problem/failure

- Or there are some 'generic' updates that the game needs at the very beginning which are NOT covered by the usual download progress bar at the bottom kind of deal....


HTH, from a fellow BE player :-).



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