Game freezes and crashes in champion / legend select screen

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Re: Apex freezes when choosing a legend

To add to this.

I heard from players if you scroll really fast over the legends and spam pick this can trigger this.

I could not get this myself to trigger but it happened to others

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Re: Why does my Apex keep freezing on countdown or champion selection?

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Same thing for me, freezes before or right when the counter ends. Also random freeze with no errors during gameplay, sometimes I have weeks with no crashes but sometimes 10 freezes in one day


RX480 8gb


Win 10

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Re: Apex freezes when choosing a legend

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Please fix this. The game is unplayable for use. Loosing points and KD ratio going downhill. Not that I am great player but it still bad.

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apex freezing on game start

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games' been freezing tonight.
not like an in-game freeze / stutter. It's been happening at the start of rounds, almost every 2nd round tonight.
i'll load in, choose my legend, but on loading into the dropship the whole thing just freezes up and i'm stuck on the selected legend screen. no improvement if i leave it for a few secs/mins. game won't close if i 'close' from windows, i have to get to task manager and end process.

I currently have discord, origin and NVIDIA running in the background (along with windows things and f.lux)

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Re: Apex freezes when choosing a legend


This happens me today.

Unable to connect servers. Shocked

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Almost a 2 weeks now when i play apex after 3-4 game my screen freeze and i have to go to task manager and close it .It really pisses me off and a cant do nothing.I dont think its my laptop's problem with an intel i5 ,a 1050ti 4gb and 8gb ram with EVERY setting in low.I did recently a windows update and since then i have this problem.Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Re: apex freezing on game start

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@AU-MoreDragons Try Updating the game, there might be a patch, if not, check if your pc is having a hard time running the game.
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Re: Apex freezes when choosing a legend

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Yes this is happening to me every 2nd match. typically immediately after choosing the legends when the flag transition screen loads before drop ship. started with latest patch when FPS dropped significantly. rolled back video drivers with no results.

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Re: Apex freezes when choosing a legend

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Just adding that this is happening to me too, on the legend screen, usually when someone is choosing multiple legends. GTX 1080.

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Thank God I thought I'm the only one with this problem, Is it fixed yet?

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