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Game crashing

by montanz

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Re: Game crashing

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Same on my 6 plus

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Re: Game crashing

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Same problem here. Iphone 6 and its crashed twice while starting a battle in TW. I can more than likely duplicate it if need be.

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Re: Game crashing

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Here is the crash log for it. Basically the app is trying to do too much, synchronously, on the main thread. Apple Watchdog is killing the app.

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Re: Game crashing

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Same for me. Also on an iPhone 6. I lost my JTR squad to this crash in the last two TW as well as losing my Phoenix squad for the special mission in the last TB.

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Re: Game crashing

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The last two Territory Wars have been unplayable for me now. From being top contributor for our guild to basically only setting Defense is no fun at all. The game has not been running smoothly since the quality of life update in February. I am this close to quitting this game even after spending thousands of dollars on it. My ally code is 245-915-247. Please tell me the issue has at least been identified and a fix is on the way.

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Re: Game crashing

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@EA_HighCommand wrote:

Hi all and thank you for the reports.


We've flagged this for further investigation now.

This is starting to get really bad, you can’t possibly leave this unresolved for a month like other bug reports something has to be done about this before the next TW, there has to be thousands of iPhone users experiencing the same thing 

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Re: Game crashing

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Same problem.
iOS 12.1.4 iPhone 6.
4 teams lost today in TW, 3 in past TW.
1 fleet arena battle, but at least 5 times in last week.
3 haat solos lost due to crash in P4.
All this is clearly due to last update.
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Re: Game crashing

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Just lost my Imperial Troopers in TW. Game closes with no warning, twice this morning. TW just impossible to play. I’m using iPad Air, iOS 12.4.1. Please fix this
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Re: Game crashing

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I run a Ipad air2 tablet, been crashing as well. I have been crashing during raids and TW are the worst. but have also just been crashing on almost any part of the game now.. Please fix. ally code is 929-911-849.

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Re: Game crashing

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Game crashed during darth revan event aswell

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