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Re: Game crashing

by montanz

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Re: Game crashing

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My game is always force closing. No particular area of the game, but seems most common in game modes where a loss results in the lose a squad. Territory Wars, Territory Battles, Championship Grand Arena. It’s so frustrating and nothiNo seems to make a difference. If it’s not sorted soon I think I’ll just go play marvel strike force.

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Re: Game crashing

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This issue was never fixed for me and my game crashes more than it ever has with new TB and TW and GAC.. pretty sure they can’t do anything about it game is just too big and sucks too much ram now. Have to buy a new phone to continue playing

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Re: Game crashing

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@vipers_1_venom Thats what I did, as well as loads of other players. We actually have 3 full SWGOH guilds and have all started focus on that instead. Foxnext Games seem to know what theyre doing.
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