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Game Crashes During GEO TB

by ShadowGhoul79

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

EA Live QV Team

Hi all,


Sorry, no update as of today.

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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I’ve got no issue with the suggestion that it’s the device, however;

  • why can I basically always complete waves 1 and 2, yet crash constantly on phase 3
  • never happened in hoth battles
  • doesn’t affect any other aspect of the game
  • to that point, doesn’t affect any other game or app on the phone. They are all stable and don’t just ‘randomly’ force quit. 

If these could be answered, it would go a long way to satiating people’s frustration.

attachment is from battle phase 1, first battle. Game got the black loading screen between phase 2-3, had to force quit the app, only got a phase 1 contribution of points. 

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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I had my game freeze during the be special mission on a Pixel 2 XL, which is certainly not an old phone... It's younger than this game is.

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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Sorry for interrupting or intercepting the focus topic in here but i need inform u sir that i got similar problem regarding freezing game and it make our guild

wasting so many time especially we lost rewards. I hope u not put behind this problem. We still got no news even from SWGOH Forum on what actually happened especially

on game crashing and freezing. I hope u can let us know with simple notice. Thank you.

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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Crashes during nearly every battle in Geo TB after a round or two.  Sometimes at the start before anyone has taken a turn. 



iphone 6



If this is an issue with the game getting too big for old phones then EA needs to rethink that strategy. I for one would never EVER go shopping for a new $1,000 phone to play this game

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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How about the crashes on OnePlus 6T's? They're not old in the slightest. Current generation of phones. Yet I've been experiencing these freezing issues for months (and they are only getting continually more frequent at the most inopportune of times). I also have seen plenty of bug reports with the same type of phone, yet never once has anyone from EA/CG even acknowledged the issue of freezes on these phones. I have huge a huge amount of internal memory, and this is the only game I play on my phone.


While I understand phones get old and their specs can't keep up with the current version of the game, these are gaming phones with amazing hardware. The phones aren't always the problem. In this case, it's the game engine and not the phones.  


I've been waiting patiently to see these issues addressed and fixed, to no avail. Without a timely fix, I'm walking away and will find something else to do with my free time. Freezes during Geo TB, Arenas, and GA, not to mention hSTR, are contradictory to the one-time-only nature of the fights. It ruins one's ability to play the game, advance, and also hurts guilds by players not being able to contribute as they normally would.


As an example, it's crashed in EVERY first round battle in the current Geo TB for me. No extra points, and I'm usually the #2 to #5 scorer in my guild. This time? #38 and only have deployments left. So I won't even be top 30 after 2 days of the event. Literally feeling like a lesson in futility at this point.


Fix. Your. Game.

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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@Darth_Intrepidus wrote:



Unfortunately this is not a game performance issue... this is a device issue - which explains why CG is ignoring all reports about crashes. The game is running 100% and is WAI... your phone isn’t.


The game has gotten too too big to support older model devices and the only option we have here is to invest in a newer device.


CG will NEVER respond to any of these reports and they will NEVER acknowledge this as a “Known Issue” simply because, the only issue here is the obsolete devices. There simply is NO issue with the game


What WOULD be nice, would be to get an announcement from CG telling us exactly what devices the game no longer supports... would be nice to know of an investment of a new phone will cost $2,000 for an iPhone Xs Max... or we can invest in a cheaper model such as the iPhone 8... but, we probably won’t get that either

Sorry, incorrect. I'm playing on a less than a year old OnePlus 6T, and it does this freezing garbage constantly. Sometimes older phones may be the issue. This is an issue with the game engine itself. My device has no other games installed on it, tons of internal memory, and is made to be a gaming phone.

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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I’m adding my ally code to this topic. 878-412-957.


my game crashes on every combat mission. At this point the Geo TB is unplayable!


why don’t you suspend the Geo TB until this is fixed?






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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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Ally code: 878-412-957

iOS: 12.4

iphone 6


crashed yet again during combat mission.

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Re: Game Crashes During GEO TB

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How can it be a device problem if it exists nowhere else in the game? This is a specific issue related to Geo TB only. There is obviously some shenanigans between phase screens that need addressing.

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