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Game Closes in hAAT

by Darth_Intrepidus

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

EA Live QV Team

Hi all and thank you for the and additional details. The team is investigating and I let you know if we found something.

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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I have had the same experience. Ally Code 645-989-545. iOS 12.1.4. Game crashed right after I completed P4 of the hAAT raid, didn't count my run. 

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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we now have 5 people in our guild who are experiencing random hard crashes - no error message just straight  back to “desktop” on heir older iPhone models (5-6s).


I have also also had this and now it’s spread to many parts of the game , TW and arena battles being the most annoying. I dare not play a GA match today on my phone. I have to use bluestacks to get the game to run witthout a crash. 


Many people are are trying to report this but here seems to be no acknowledgement there is an issue introduced in the latest update. Please advise ASAP. 

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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My ally code is 467-573-881 - I have the same issue
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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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I have the exact same issue. I thought it was my phone. So far I lost 3 TW battles due to crash and I solo the entire HAAT raid and then crashed as Grevious was escaping to the ship. So 0 rewards. Aly code: 296-739-713

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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This is definitely getting worse... and spreading to all areas of the game...


... I too lost 3-4 battles in TW due to the game closing... also in GA I just had an experience where everything was messed up... I couldn’t do anything, but the battke fought itself somehow... even though auto was off... VERY strange... it also crashes when upgrading mods etc


Not sure if I have mentioned this, but I am also on an iPhone 6 Plus using the recent version iOS 12.1.4


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a TOP priority!!


thank you

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

EA Live QV Team

Hi @Darth_Intrepidus et all,


We are actively looking into this, but don't have any resolution as of now. It appears, that only iOS users with "older" devices (iPhone 6 and older, iPads) are affected.


In the meantime, can you provide us with the following details, if you experience an increased crash rate?


- date and time of the crash

- area in the game the crash happened

- device (name and model)

- OS version


Thank you all!

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Date 20th March 2019 it was after 19:30.

Area of game: HAAT Raid P4

Apple Iphone6

Os Version 12.1.4

ally code - 296-739-713


I understand that it may take a while to find a resolution. However this means I am missing out on a lot of guild activity and HAAT rewards. Can you atleast work out a method or way to ensure I do not fall behind as a result of the update you recently released. I had no issues prior release. If not possible I would suggest you roll back the update and release when you are 100% sure that there is no issue with older devices

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Dont have specficis on the dates and times, but the crashes are the most problematic in TW. Ironically i actually played my GA through fine yesterday but TW is unplayable for everyone here i believe. Another common area of problems is from the HAAT raid, We are all using IOS 12.1.4 and i personally am running an Iphone 5S
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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Hello again @EA_HighCommand 


another P4 hAAT crash... I’m 6 for 6 now since this started happening, after we got the latest QoL update... not really that much Q in this L now, haha


Date / Time: Friday, March 22 @ 9:06p EDT

Area in game: P4 of hAAT about 53% into the phase

Device: Apple iPhone 6 Plus

OS version: The latest (12.1.4)


Could you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this resolved? Soooo many people are experiencing this and it’s not exactly QoL for us... clearly it’s iPhone 4-6 models and the latest OS version that are somehow screwing up certain areas of the game... it can’t be a coincidence that this e.g. ONLY happens in P4? So, P4 might be a good place to start looking?





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