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Game Closes in hAAT

by Darth_Intrepidus

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Game Closes in hAAT

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Apple iPhone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? .
OS Version .
Ally Code: (Find it here: )
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug Since friday last week, my game has been closing whenever I am doing the hAAT... it happens in P4. I have been in two hAATs since friday and both times, my game has closed down twice in both raids... all four times it happend, it was in P4
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Not sure... noone else seems to be reporting this issue...
Connection Type Mobile
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Hello EA,


since friday, March 14 I have been experiencing an issue, causing my game to completely shut down (the app just closes) everytime I am doing P4 of the hAAT raid.


I have never had this happen to me in the past, and it seems pretty odd it only happens in P4 and it happens EVERY SINGLE time... I have been in two hAAT raids since friday, and in bith raids this happened to me in P4... twice in each raid even... four times total.


This reminds me of the bug I also experienced awhile back, where certain toons would cause the GW to crash (before it was simmable) Not sure if this is a glitch or my phone... but if it’s my phone, it also seems strange none of my other app’s ever closes like SW:GoH does... and hRancor never crashes nor does hSith... ONLY P4 of hAAT.


I hope you huys can help me out here, as it is pretty annoying not being able to post any damage anymore... it’s costing me quite a lot of rewards, as my ranks are very low Frown


thank you

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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This happened to me last night, just finished the raid, ending cutscene with GG escaping was about to trigger and the app just closed. Got 0 damage rewards, absolute joke. It also happens in TW battles for me too, last week i lost 4 battles due to the app closing

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

EA Live QV Team

Hi @Darth_Intrepidus and @Zaraos and sorry to hear that.


Did you already do a clean reinstall of the game to ensure all game files are up to date? Additionally, can you provide us with your ally-code, so we can check our logs? Thank you!

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Hi @EA_HighCommand 


thank you for responding so quickly... appreciate it.


I have not tried a clean install yet... and I fear to so, as I am playing on a guest account... back in 2016 when I started playing, I made the mistake of not connecting the game to GameCenter... so, there’s that. But I have never hd this issue before... not in my three years of playing this game... only since last friday... not sure if one of the updates messed up something affecting hAAT? Much like when the GW would also crash.


The scenario Zaraos is describing, with GG fleeing in his ship and then the game closes... that also happened to me... I killed P4 and was like... YES!! It didn’t crash... and as I was watching the end cut scene with GG fleeing... boom!! The game closed and when I logged back on, I had only posted a zero Frown Very frustrating spending 2x 35 minutes doing a hAAT twice only to have this happen... so, since Zaraos and I are experiencing the EXACT same issue down to the last detail... it kinda makes me wonder if this is a game file issue... seems more like some kind of update glitch affecting certain accounts... again, just like the GW update glitch


I truly hope you guys can help us out here...


... my ally code is: 267-626-559 (Intrepid)


thanks again

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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I have tried to reinstall the game 3 times, rebooted my phone multiple times and also made sure my IOS is up to date, since my post in todays TW ive had the same issues again with meta team on offence, so that went to complete waste
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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Also, I JUST (6:38p EDT) battled twice in the current TW and the game crashed twice... two battles... two crashes... this is gtting VERY VERY annoying Frown

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

@Darth_Intrepidus I just want to check if you are aware that you can link your game to an Apple ID/Google Play account at any time, by hitting the settings cog button in game, then "connect" and there should be an option on that screen to add to account.
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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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@ChristophIV Hey Chris, thanks... I am currently not logged into GameCenter... so, I’m not entirely sure what would happen if I clicked “Connect”?!


I tried it once before... I made a backup of my game on a computer... then logged into GameCenter and then back into the game... it deleted my account and I was left at level 1... I then signed out of GameCenter and retrieved my game from the computer and everything was back to normal



@EA_HighCommand I JUST did another hAAT (finished at 9:00p EDT) and same thing happened again... this is now 5 tank raids... and 5 crashes... 5 for 5 Frown Frown

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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Exact same thing is happening to me dude
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Re: Game Closes in hAAT

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Same problem: after the last game update, my last two HAAT were wasted due to app crash in P4. Further, app crashes happened two times in fleet arena and two times in TW (here I was not fighting, luckily).

My sofware (ios12) is updated.

My ally code is 561-977-874

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