Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

by MissLjupka

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Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? Deutsch
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
What is your current game version number? 1.105.345.1020
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All of them except Paranormal Stuff and Menswear Kit
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play the Sims 4 with every available addon and fill all the worlds with random builds from the gallery. No matter what type of lot, but place at least a few residential rentals. Important: Please use only builds that were shared after For Rent came out (7th December 2023) After you've placed a lot of new builds, play for a few days with visiting many of the lots, restart the game, visit again, restart the game and repeat those steps. Then repeat the same with different lots from the gallery.
What happens when the bug occurs? Eventually if you are very unlucky your save will be showing signs of corruption after a while like white loading screens, game crashing, problems with saving the game, weird exlamation signs ect. Why? Because after for Rent came out there was a bug which corrupted a residential rental lot if changed to another lot type. Although the bug was fixed a while ago, the gallery is still full of potential savebreaking builds that were corrupted by this bug and unknowingly shared. And it doesn't matter what type of lot it is: normal residential lot, park, restaurant, gym ect - if someone bulldozed a former residential rental and build something else on the same lot while the bug was still active, that lot most likely is corrupted. And here's my concern: Every lot on the gallery, that has been shared after 7th December 2023, could be a potential save-breaker, because the bugfix was not working retroactively for already corrupted lots. And there is no way to tell if the lot from the gallery is a corrupted one or not - only time will tell while playing with it, but when you start to notize the corruption it is already too late. So if I want to be safe I can't download anymore builds from the gallery as of 7th December 2023. I'm forever stuck with the "old" gallery before For Rent came out. This is very limiting!
What do you expect to see? I expect the gallery to be a safe space no matter the date of the upload or the bug situation ingame! If a lot is being shared in a corrupted state due to the 'Stuck on residential rental' bug, the corruption should not outlive the gallery and infect other peoples saves who put the lot in their games. In the current state the gallery is not safe anymore and full of potential gamebreaking builds! This is not fun.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. Since the Release of For Rent

The Sims Team has to think of a solution to fix these corrupted lots in the gallery!

I love the gallery and it breaks my heart that from now on I can't use newer builds anymore without risking my 7 year old save file. Browsing the gallery for cool builds was a big part of my game. I used to love getting new worlds and filling them with amazing and creative new builds from the gallery - they gave me so many ideas for my gameplay and stories. But with the current situation I feel very limited because I am stuck with the "old" gallery - everything new would be too risky. And that really would be a shame if the Sims 4 is supposed to run for a few more years. So many cool builds that I and other players would miss out because of that terrible bug.

I really hope that this problem with the gallery can be resolved somehow! 

Thank you for reading this long Bug Report. I tried to explain everything as good as possible. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask. Standard smile

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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@MissLjupka It's not just after the "For Rent" patch lots. It is ANY lot in the gallery that the game fails to read properly, I've had really old lots in old save files that became corrupted since the patch... Be warned Wink
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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

EA Sims Team

Marked as Solution for Visibility. This is still an open issue.

Sul Sul! 

Couple questions for you that'll help us understand this issue better:

1.) Can you share any specific lots that have caused the issue you're experiencing? (Screenshots or a list


2.) Would you be able to share your save files that way we can see exactly what you're seeing? (Instructions here:


3.) (If you've ever used mods) If you remove your mod folder entirely and start a fresh save, are you still seeing this issue? 


Thank you in advance for everything!

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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@TheSimsDirect and @littlerustyscrew Thank you so much for responding to my issue. Standard smile I am sorry that I could not reply to you sooner, I wish I could answer all of your questions and give you the needed information, but I was and I am still too scared to download any of the builds that have been shared in the gallery since the Release of For Rent. I am afraid that the "Stuck on Residential Rental"-Bug doesn't work retroactively and that many builds shared in the gallery are still bugged and still can corrupt anyones game if placing them. I mean, the many current bug reports regarding issues with builds from the gallery kind of prove my assumption, just like the thread that @littlerustyscrew mentioned above. The thread was opened last December, after the Release of For Rent.


Or can you confirm, that the "Stuck on residential rental"-Bugfix works retroactively, meaning any corrupted build that has been shared in the gallery is not corrupted anymore when placing it?



Although I should mention, while I did not download any recent builds, I did experience these exact problems reported in the Bug Report about the "Endless loading/crashing while loading a certain lot". I've been following this Bugreport since the very beginning. A few weeks ago I wanted to fill my world with older builds from the gallery (from before December last year). I had endless loading screens while trying to load lots from the gallery so I was multiple times forced to shut down my computer, because I could not even get to my desktop. Unfortunately I can't name any of these builds because I did not write them down. But it happened so often I think it would not be a problem to find some problematic builds.


I even had a problem with a build that was in my save since 2019. Three days ago I wanted to replace that build which was previously working fine, but my game crashed immediately everytime I wanted to load the lot. The only solution was to load the nearby lot, pan around a bit just like crinrict wrote and after that I could finally load the problematic build and bulldoze it.


Something must have changed in the code since the Patch for For Rent that broke a lot of lots from the gallery.


But I still believe that - while the issue @littlerustyscrew  refered to might be connected to my concern in this Bug Report - they are two seperate issues. I would be so relieved if someone from the Sims Team could officially state if the Fix for the "Stuck on Residential Rental"-Bug works retroactively for already corrupted lots that were being shared to the gallery in the corrupted state.


Because the bug began with the Release of For Rent (Beginning of December) and was fixed in February. One can be sure that the gallery is full of these corrupted lots from the "Stuck on Residential Rental"-Bug. And some players don't patch their games so they are maybe still on the problematic Patch level and share potentially corrupted builds without even realizing. And like I explained in my first post, it's not just Residential really could be any lot type that was build on a previously bugged Residential Rental Lot. And there is no way to tell if the build is a corrupted one or not.


So I think my concern is a real one and has to be at least adressed. Is it safe to download these lots even if they were shared in a corrupted state?




I hope I worded my thoughts in a way other people can understand them, because English is not my first language. I've tried my best. Wink Thank you again for taking the time to read my concerns.

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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I believe I've also run into this problem.

After picking out some new lots on the gallery and placing them in my game my save file became unplayable. 

They were a mixture of restaurant, cafe and several residential. All were made recently. 

My sims became unresponsive, even townies just stood stuck, commands were ignored and the game kept freezing. Twice it crashed to desktop. Loading times had increased and it would hang on saving. 

The problem began in San Myshuno then spread to Oasis Springs and WIllow creek. 

Repairing the game in the app did not help.

As soon as I removed all the new lots from the gallery the game reverted to its normal state and ran perfectly again. 

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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I'm one of the people who just lost a 7`s years save file for this issue and I`s dangerous for the gallery to keep running like this, full of broken lots. It`s not the builders`s fault but the For Rent pre patch.


The gallery is my main way to put lots in my game since I`m not very talented into building. So I just came back to the The Sims 4 after a year and I was like "Ok! New packs, new worlds and a bunch of lots to update!". But when I started doing it...I faced the same bugs that most of people complain about until they lose the save file:


0 - Some times the lot doesn`t even download. It shows an "error message" when trying to do so.

1 - The game crashes while placing the lot

2 - If the lot is successfully placed without crashing, then we face an infinite loop when trying to leave the lot

3 - If we place the lot, save, go the main menu and load the game, the lot becomes inaccessible. It crashes every time we to go in and we basically lose it forever (specially if this is an community lot).

4 - If we don`t notice this bug right away, all broken lots starts to show orange exclamations

5 - Blank load screens

6 - Corrupted save. You can`t even enter the save file anymore. And some times the save file auto deletes.


@PlumbobKingdom is one of my favorite gallery`s creators and even him is avoiding to upload his buildings there due this issue. He is doing it in his own website. 

Another creators are doing the same thing since this bug occurs once the lot is uploaded to the gallery.


The gallery is a MAIN FEATURE of The Sims 4 and should not be ignored.


No CC. No Mods. 


I`m not sharing my save file since I lost it.


I`m trying to build a new save and taking SO MUCH CARE. But it`s frustrating that I can`t even use my favorite lots anymore... Zipped lips

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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@ceunon20I am getting these exact issues too. Game unplayable for 5 months. Wasted time and money, it's totally unacceptable to be selling a product in this busted of a state and to add insult to injury pushing out a million paid kits a minute to folks who can't even play for half a year.

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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@Hythiescrapdash @ceunon20 @seeurock55 I'm so sorry that you have experienced these issues and some of you even lost their saves Frown This is so sad and frustrating.


Thank you for sharing it here, hopefully it helps to solve the gallery problems. 


I agree, the gallery is a main feature and should not be in this dangerous state where peoples saves are being ruined because of shared lots.


I wish that the Sims Team could make a statement and adress these bugs with the gallery builds. I see all these wonderful and creative new builds that were shared in the last half year, and I have all packs, but I just don't dare to download any of them because I'm scared to break my save file. 


Very, very frustrating!


Please, Sims Team, please consider looking into this problem. 

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Re: Gallery full of potentially gamebreaking builds since For Rent

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I‘ve been experiencing the exact same issues everyone in this thread has pointed out already. Though I have to say that since the bug fix in February I‘ve been encountering less corrupted builds in general, which could partially be due to the fact that I‘m very careful with placing builds from the gallery.


I don’t think the bug fix works retroactively for builds that have been already saved to the gallery while the bug was active. What I‘ve been doing to avoid corruption in my saves is:


- Placing only builds from before For Rent Patch

- Placing builds directly from the gallery (not saving them to your library and placing from there for some reason that seems to be a trigger for me)

- Placing builds in a seperate save first, testing and if there’s no corruption, then placing them in your gameplay save

- If placing a build after December 2023, testing it first and making sure it was created after the February patch (as I can’t be sure if the creator updated, I mostly use builds from simmers sharing them on YT/Tumblr where I can be more sure their game is updated)


Still very stressful all in all and greatly limits the amount of lots one can download.

but using these methods I‘ve been avoiding this issue and am able to keep playing in my legacy save Standard smile


If I encounter a corrupted build I will make sure to share the save file here. I always test in a fresh unmodded save.


Hope we can get some clarification whether the February patch works retroactively at least! 
Maybe now that there is a dedicated team for bug fixes the gallery will get more stable too (fingers crossed) Heart

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