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Re: Galactic War sim

by hattmat

Original Post

Galactic War sim

★★ Newbie

Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Android Phone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? Mobile
OS Version ??
Ally Code: (Find it here: )
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug I cannot sim galactic War. I've completed over 150 battles with it and if says all nodes to sim have been completed. Even after the daily resets.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Open galactic War
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region North America
Country United States

Not letting me sim
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Re: Galactic War sim

Just to clarify, you know it's 150 completed GWs, not battles? Check your achievements and make sure you don't have an achievement for GW completion.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG, and happy to help in any way that I can.
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Re: Galactic War sim

EA Live QV Team

Hi @mattb2bad_1a90l and thank you for the report. Do you have your ally code at hand please, so we can look into this for you? Here is how you can find it:

And yes, as @ChristophIV said, you have to complete 150 GW's and be level 85 in order to multi-sim GW.

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Re: Galactic War sim

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I’m sorry but the this issue is because you are not aware of the correct answer don’t answer your customers with this problem is because he’s already earned the achievement that im not sure if it was removed but I have the same problem because I have earned the achievement and if it is not that reason it’s because of a bug that needs to be fixed it would be because it looks like it’s available to be reset so it is because you have the ability to reset it or you have earned the achievement before the changes that were made 

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Re: Galactic War sim

★★ Newbie
I am having this same problem with the exact same message showing up. I already have the achievement for completing 150 wars
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Re: Galactic War sim

EA Live QV Team

Hi @hattmat! Can you provide me with your ally code too, so I can have a look into this for you? Thanks!

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