GAS suffers no damage on HSTR P4

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GAS suffers no damage on HSTR P4

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Apple iPad
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? iPad mini
OS Version 13.3.1
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 628786559
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug Even alone, GAS is not taking damage on HSTR p4
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Use GAS 501st and other clones on HSTR p4
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region South America
Country Brazil

Dear support


Last night running GAS with a mix of 501st and clones I noticed that once all other allies were dead, GAS still wouldn’t take damage from Sion and Traya attacks. In theory it would be possible to solo P4 with that squad, if you have enough time.


i took several minutes of footage of that run when I noticed the issue and I summarized it in the YT video I posted below.


i couldn’t finish the run as it wouldn’t be fair and the raid was getting into final stage.

Can you pls check this out?




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Re: GAS suffers no damage on HSTR P4

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Gentle reminder. Any updates?




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