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Re: Frozen fleet battle

by Spirulina999

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

A guild mate of mine said he typically sees this when the enemy Home One makes the first move in a match, and uses the 3rd skill (the AoE + assist ability). Maybe this will help with reproducing it.
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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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It happened again, I will record my next few battles just in case. So I can capture video.

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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Product:Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform: Galaxy Note 8
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? Cell phone
OS Version: N950USQS5DSF3
Ally Code: 262-978-412
What type of issue do you have? Ship arena freezes
How often does the bug occur? Twice within the past week
Summarize your bug: When my Xanadu Blood destroys a ship with his AOE, he never returns from the animation and the battle is frozen
Steps:  I have had this happen to me twice. Both times occurred when Xanadu Blood used it's AOE attack and destroyed a ship. I can't remember which ship it was the first time. The second time it happened, I destroyed the Imperial Tie Fighter. Xanadu just did his AOE and never returned and the battle was frozen. I closed out of the app to fix it.
Connection Type: Wifi
Country: United States



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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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This just happened to me for the first time. Phase 2 of geo TB, CM that require Executrix.


My starting lineup was HT, Ig2000 and imperial tie fighter. Ig2000 got blown up and then nothing happens.. I did not get to take any turn.


my my device is iPhone SE

ally code: 345-642-558

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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I had this happen a few days ago. I sent my millenium falcon for a strafing run, it went off the screen and never came back! I was forced to wait for the timer to go to zero but the fight still didn't end so I force closed the application.

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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IPad fully up to date, I didn’t get a screenshot and could not tell which enemy ship was stealthed, had advantage, plus a third buff I didn’t recognize, but the ship was encompassed in a blue dynamic cloud that moved.  I saw the ships active but I couldnt take a turn, had to shut down the device to get out of the arena.  It counts down the clock but never declared a draw.


I suggest finding a player with geared up GP above 3.5 mil total because that’s how my arena shard looks for the top 60 in fleet.  Some new ability in combination with other gear may be the culprit

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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Happened once about 7-10 days ago. Just happened today for the second time. Similar to others, the combat controls vanish, but the counter keeps counting down. The settings button is present but wont let me select it to forfeit. I can toggle auto play on and off (and alter the speed) but that does nothing to remedy the stuck battle. Once the counter hits zero it stays at zero, only way to exit is to force close.

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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happened to me again today. About just over 1 minute into the battle. Slave I took out Xanadu Blood and hit the opposing Slave I. Countdown clock continued to go but couldn't do anything. 


Oneplus 6

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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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This is exactly what just happened to me a few minutes ago. The opponent's Home One's first move was the AOE and I was no longer able to use abilities. This was during my fleet climb. The timer kept counting down though.


Allycode: 972-146-854

Android: version 9

Connected via WiFi

East Coast US



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Re: Frozen fleet battle

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I've had the same issue twice now. The game isn't frozen, the counter still runs, but I have no attack icons to press. Toggling auto does not active auto either. This has costed me crystals and fleet arena credits, both of which are valuable.

Player ID DB3-B_38SZ-_n1_cUUg0cQ

Alley code 352-732-779

North America



Pixel 2

Android version 9


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