Free agency bug

by descoyuntao

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Re: Free agency bug

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No fix to this issue in the latest patch I suppose

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Re: Free agency bug

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Hi everyone, 

Thank you for sharing your info!


We have passed this along for a look. 

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Re: Free agency bug

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Do you mean to tell us, that we have been complaining about this for over a week, and I'm sure many people worldwide have the same issue, and all of you haven't fixed ti yet? We literally CAN'T continue with the game in Face of the Franchise. That is a huge deal, and indeed, this kind of glitch/bug should have never happened. How can this game be so dang buggy? This clearly means it wasn't ready for release.

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Re: Free agency bug

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Between corrupted save files and broken FA, franchise is basically unplayable. The fact that an update was pushed yesterday with no franchise fixes is insulting.



I guess I’m a fool for believing Clint Oldenburg when he said "We are very confident that our game for Madden 23 is going to be the most polished version of Madden that we've had in a long time,"


I don’t expect the game to be perfect but this is a complete disaster. Just a repeat of all the issues last year. 

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Re: Free agency bug

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I don’t know what’s worse, that Herbert, Jefferson, and Lamb we’re FA in year 2 or that I was able to sign Jefferson at the end of FA for a few million because zero teams put a bid on team. 

Totally ruined the franchise and stopped playing immediately. Needs to be a flag on players under age x, rating > y that makes them really likely to resign. 

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Re: Franchise Free Agency Bug

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Not only are people like Justin Herbert entering free agency but almost every rookie (like Malik Willis) is on the trade block or will be year 2 (I also saw on my franchise where the browns had Watson on the trade block yr 2 because they signed Brady and Steelers signed Mayfield even though they have Picket). And teams are still drafting players they wouldn’t, like the chiefs drafting a second round qb!

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Re: Free agency bug

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@EA_Kent  any updates! 

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Re: Free agency bug

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So happy I haven't purchased the game yet!  Now I can just wait until there is a discount before it's fixed

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Re: Free agency bug

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@EA_Kent  has there been any communication regarding this bug? Will it be apart of the upcoming patch? 

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Re: Free agency bug

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@EA_Kent  Hi Kent! Do you have any update for us about this problem? Yes, franchise mode get a big update, but without fixing this free agency bug (and for my self there is also a trade block bug!!) your „new“ franchise mode is not possible to play it!
In my opinion you should not have realesed the game like that. You advertise Madden 23 with a brand new franchise update with a great free agency experience like in the real NFL, but it is not a realistic feeling and it is definitely a bug and a problem for every franchise mode player!

Please give us an update to the current status, if this problem will be fixed with September patch.

I‘m on PS5 and my PSN account ID is „Kochi130185“.

Regards and please help us! Christian

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