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Re: [Fixed] Sims hang out in the bathroom

by EpicRedly

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Re: [Fixed] Sims hang out in the bathroom

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@Phantomlover1717 Same problem for me, the elders love to chat in the bathroom. I need to put the toilette in the kitchen if my sims want some energy. And replace the room is a no-go for me! My land is full with my house and garden items! I don't have place for a 4x4 item anymore ^_^;;
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Re: [Fixed] Sims hang out in the bathroom

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I was actually asking myself if there are more people with this problem because I have found a solution😁. Either you move the toilet/shower/sink in an empty room or you call the sims that are bugging you to meal. I have 4 seats at the table so there’s plenty of room for those who decide to do yoga in the bathroom.

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Re: [Fixed] Sims hang out in the bathroom

Could any of you start a new bug report for this issue? As it seems it was fixed and it has returned.


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