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Re: Brothers

by mumuluv

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Re: Brothers


This issue should have been fixed in the last update.


@lmnmst @BunnyAppleCake @tron20X6 @mumuluv @laurajpowers @whackywhippet234

@MarinPhoenix and all of you on this thread. Can you please confirm this issue is fixed?

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Re: Brothers

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@SalixCat Fixed!
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Re: Brothers

@SalixCat yeah. The new update fixed it. If only my baby would age up. He has 2 stars for his upbringing and yet and still. He is still a baby. I rlly hope this isn't another issue since he was born 2 days ago

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Re: Brothers

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Hi @SalixCat I confirm with this video. 😁

@whackywhippet234  baby will recognize their brothers and sisters too. I'm confirming that too. In the video, the partner just promoted today.

* Cheers

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Re: [Open] - Siblings don’t recognize each other

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Just started 2 sibling rivalry stories!!! At long last this seems to have been fixed :-)

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Re: Brothers

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I know they will. Its just taking a while longer than normal to age up. He should be a toddler by now.

Edit: he's a toddler now 

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Re: Brothers

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@SalixCat Fixed! Finally Standard smile
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