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[Fixed] Party no longer valid [Network Error 400]

by SteemedPotato

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Re: [Open] Party no longer valid [Network Error 400]

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I took all the steps EA Customer Experience told me to take:
-ensured the app and my device were up to date
-ensured my account was synced
-powercycled my device
-closed any apps running in the background
-changed my connection type (from broadband to mobile data)
-restarted the app

The only thing I didn't do was use a different device to play through the party. Regardless, my party went down without a hitch!
Still not entirely sure what causes the issue... it could be a problem with the counting of sims at the party, as brucegaretz said, since I noticed that there was no sudden influx of friends joining the party this time. But, I think my shoddy broadband connection has something to do with it too, since I switched to my faster and more stable mobile data connection instead :/
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Re: [Open] Party no longer valid [Network Error 400]

Community Manager

Thanks for trying all the troubleshooting steps advisers suggested, @SteemedPotato, and sorry for the wait.


I have merged all the threads into this one now - thanks for the links as well! The order of the posts might be a bit weird now but it's better if we have all the information for a specific issue in the same thread.


To make sure: everyone in this thread is getting the '400' error code in the message, is this correct?


@SteemedPotato and @beverlydeq mention that for them, guests can join, leave and rejoin with no issues, even after they are getting the error message.

@brucegaretz, for you, 'anyone re-entering the party errors out'. Could you please confirm if you are getting exactly the same error message?


Thank you,


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Re: [Open] Party no longer valid [Network Error 400]

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I do not recall at the moment if I actually saw that particular error message when returning to a party for who the host has received that error. I believe I do not as guest, though.

Currently as a guest experiencing an errored out party the typical behavior is that I attempt to join (for the first time) or revisit the party, the party house loads momentarily, and then I immediately get sent back to the logo screen and then nothing happens and I have to force close the game. Then when I log back into the game, the game makes it seems like I never attended the party and gives me the 2 buttons (Ignore and Join) (the party is counted in the 2 party per day count, though).
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Re: [Open] Party no longer valid [Network Error 400]

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This has happened to me and a couple of my friends. In fact happened to my friends party today. It seems when we use the chat feature to much this makes the glitch occur. It's frustrating and I hope it's fixed soon.

I have the most recent game updates.

Android phone, LG Stylo 3.
Player ID: 1002938440134
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Party is no longer valid error

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Hi Standard smile
I’m in the process of hosting a party, but for the last few hours people have had trouble with my party disappearing from the side bar and I’m getting the error shown in the photo below.
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Re: Party is no longer valid error

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It happens to 99% of my parties...!
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Re: Party is no longer valid error

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And I wish I could figure out why.

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Re: Party is no longer valid error

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Horrified this happened to me this week HOWEVER I chose not to click the ‘okay’ button and decided to check back on the game when my party was due to finish and sure enough the error message had gone and in it’s place was the normal party ended message. 


Something to note, I did not get my stars, it was a lvl10 party so was rewarded the right rewards for that but I missed out on my own personal three star reward (something I would have received had it not bugged out.)  I’ve been reading if I had clicked ‘okay’ on the error screen my party goers missed out on their rewards so I’d love to know if my party goers also received their rewards since I waited the error out.


Also my parties normally fill fast, like it’s all over and done with within the first half hour but my listing kept dropping off my friends party list and my listing went missing for a few chunks of time, unsure if that’s connected (only know because I was hosting a movie night so those of us who have this game had our devices out and they showed me how my party wasn’t listing plus when it did and they clicked it they never got teleported to my party.) It was weird. Some friends showed but they got in as soon as I launched the party, after 5mins the vanishing listing happened. However 4hrs before the game ended my listing reappeared and it filled like normal. Unsure if it’s related but 4hrs before the party ended, when the party showed up for my friends, was when I started the party the week prior. So very weird.


As for me when I was participating in the party, for the first time ever, I never ran out of energy, at all, If I wanted too I could have reached lvl10 with one sim without needing to refuel... so it was off from the very start.


p.s [Edited by EA_Mai - not an appropriate discussion topic for the forums]

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Re: Party is no longer valid error

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I have been to 2 parties over the past few weeks that have disappeared from the listing but they still counted as one of the two parties I attended which was really annoying. I didn't get any of the rewards despite the parties reaching lvl 10 before they disappeared. From what some of you are saying, the party host probably got the "party no longer valid" message.

As I said in the original post, I was getting this error every week and while my parties always got up to lvl 10 quickly and I got my 3 star rewards, it was still annoying, and doubly so for any guests who may have received nothing. I took the troubleshooting steps a few weeks back and my weekly party was a success. Every week since then, I just switched from my wifi to my more stable mobile data connection while hosting a party and I haven't had this error again.
Perhaps those of you who have this issue often could try that?
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Re: Party is no longer valid error

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I went to a party , it crashed, would not let me finish,. I logged out of the game, was able to go back to the party with another sim to complete it. all was fine. I went to check on the party progress and the time the party was supposed to end stopped showing. I could not send any sims back to the party and it showed that my sims never attended the party. Now the party completely disappeared as if it never existed. My count shows I went to two parties however this party did not register. I can not complete the internet hobby part 4 because the party won't register . I now have to wait until tomorrow to see if I can complete a party to move on in the internet quest which I now may not be able to complete in time.
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