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[Fixed] Party Level Reset

by lililim6

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Re: Party Level Reset

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Happened to me too.


Player ID: 1003014282481

Platform and OS:
Playing on BlueStacks Android (4.4.2) emulator (faking a Samsung-SM-N900A phone) on Windows 10. PC connected via landline.
Yes I know these aren't officially supported. I'm not seeking support. Only providing another report to help debugging.

 Saturday 10th of march, in the evening (around 21:00 - 22:00 GMT+1 Paris time, I think?). Party level got reset from level 7 to level 1.
The game seemed to be under heavy server load/network instability at that time, as I experienced several "Where's the network?" error messages as well as extremely long loading times. I also got several roolbacks during that time period. For example, I saw my account level going from 7 to 8 three times (I would level up, experience a network failure, and then be back to 7 when the game was available again). I decided to stop playing and closed the game. When I returned around half an hour to one hour later, the party was reset to level 1 with 200 exp.


At the time of writting this post, my party is level 5 with 5178 EXP. Will update if it happens again.

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Re: Party Level Reset

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Sane with me... My party was level 10 and reset to 1!! So, will not get the rewards!!
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Re: Party Level Reset

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform: Apple iPhone
List the specific devices you play with: iPhone SE
OS Version: iOS 9
Player ID: 1002985030552
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Throw a birthday party, grind to get it to a certain (high) level, leave the game for a couple of hours, come back when the party is over and get the notification that your party ended at level 1 and you're receiving none of the rewards you should've gotten.
What do you expect to see? I expected to receive the rewards I had worked hard to earn.
Connection Type: WiFi
Please select your region: Europe
Country: Belgium
Additional feedback: My Sim's birthday party had reached level 7, but then when I came back to the game after a couple of hours and the party had ended it said it ended at level 1, which means I didn't receive any of the rewards that come with levelling up your party.
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Re: Party Level Reset

[ Edited ]
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Player ID? 1002993840253

Device you play on? Huawei G8

Operating system of your Device? Android 6.0.1

Do you play on WiFi or Cellular Data? I play on Wi-Fi. 

Have you ever had any connection issues with the game? Sometimes when I give stickers it says I lost my connection.

The exact or approximate time this happened in your game? 4 PM CEST


I got my party to level 4, then visited my little brother's party. Noticed his was suddenly level 4, which was odd because it said level 2 before I went there. Then went back to my home, and my party was suddenly level 10. My little brother's party was level 10 too. 30 minutes later after I was done editing my house, I noticed my party is now back to level 1, and my little brother's party is now level 7 (it's supposed to be level 3). 


So yeah I think I somehow bugged up his party as well, or he bugged up mine. I don't know.


Current situation:

my level 4 party is level 1.

his level 3 party is level 7.


Right after I pressed submit on this post, my party leveled up to level 3 (i wasn't doing anything). and while I'm typing this, it leveled up again to level 4 (again not doing anything but standing in my house).


Current situation:

my level 4 party is level 4.

his level 3 party is level 7.



Again I randomly leveled all the way to level 7, and my little brother is back to level 10


Current situation:

my level 4 party is level 7.

his level 3 party is level 10.

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Re: Party Level Reset

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I reached party level 6 then my party reset to level 1. I thought it was because I attended another party so I made sure to keep my sims home and leveled up to party level 10. 6 minutes for the party ended it reset back to level 1 because I sent one Sim to work. When the party finished it said I didn’t earn any prizes even though I worked on my party level for 2 hours to get it back up to 10. So frustrating!
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Re: Party Level Reset

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iPhone X
IOS 11.2.6
Player ID 1003031224971
Party level reset occurred several times between the morning of 3/10/18 and the morning of 3/11/18 (EST)
WIFI data
Minimal connection issue for one hour yesterday
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Re: Party Level Reset

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Same happened to me today. Grinder to lvl 10 then it reset to 1. I was so pissed. Thought I did something wrong. Kept playing then figured I'd check to see if anyone else was having the same problem. I hope they fix it soon.
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Not getting party rewards

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Reached party level 10 on my sim’s birthday. Edited the house, party level was set back to 1. I didn’t get the rewards I reached.
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Re: Party Level Reset

[ Edited ]
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Same things happens to me 23 hour ago. And i tried to lv up again to lv 10 and then all i have left is onoe hour and my party lv dropped down again to lv 2...

But i think this how to fix it (maybe) just let all your sim out of the house and then do event outside the house such as job etc. When you come back home (all my sims still in the event) the lv is back to lv 10
Because i just check it. My party lv come back to 10... This is some kind wierd bug...

Player ID: 1002805617687
Device: android (LG v20)

Other connection issue: i give sticker to other player sim it said lost connection... But can do anything else just fine...

Other bug: place, the NPC sims just do a teleportation (disappear) when enter hospital and just go to upper left corner of the building (the room full of themoving box) and poof gone...
2. I accidently use my male sim (he still doing his writing hobby) to click At my female sim when she finished cooking hobby and the one who add the skill it said my male sims but when i check his info nothing change. The same happened when i use my female sim to finished my male sim hobby.
3. When interacting with things (such as cooking, cutting, etc) sometimes the things still attach to my sim hand.
4. I tried to socialise with my other player sims to have relationship event but i still at market place and then i waited but didn't find my other player sims. And then i go home and click socialise again he didn't even appear...
5. I have two bed (single bed and double bed) but each time i click on the single bed to make may sims sleep. They always sleep at the double bed. At first they stand beside the single bed but then they sleep in double bed... Is it because i put rug under the single bed??

And the last one i don't know if this a bug too or what. I let my first sim to fill energy in the shower and then i need to move my first sim away first so i can have my second sim to actually have shower... Just telling what i see here...

Please help fix this bug and sorry if my word is harsh or something else.

Note: please can you let us sell our item. I have so many item in my storage... And i don't see any tv in the store too am i wrong?
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Re: Party Level Reset

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


We have enough information to investigate this now, thank you very much for sharing the information @SimGuruMaaike asked for!


If you have this issue, I would recommend opening a support case through the game.


Thanks again for your help!


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