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Re: [Fixed] No adverts

by redwingsgirl14

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Re: Ad glitch on sims mobile.

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I highlighted your ad issues over a year ago on this post now, and stopped playing because of it. 


Will you lot at EA stop cutting corners and just invest some money into things that are clearly a consistent issue


Or stop using ads to make your money, I think 99% of the people here would rather pay x amount for your game than all this rubbish



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Re: Ad glitch on sims mobile.

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@Phantomlover1717 it fixed its self the day after i posted that. Not sure if its like it ran out of ads to show or what because when it does that, i get completely new ads each time it fixes itself.

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Re: [Fixed] No adverts

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This has been my same problem for about 3 weeks. Normally ads are annoying in games, but these ads actually ate supposedly helpful. They worked on the beginning but for at least 3 weeks i have no icons to watch ads.




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