[Fixed] Living Izzy's Mannequin present in Marketplace

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Re: Living Izzy's Mannequin present in Marketplace

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Uh, hey, I’m having a problem with the NPCs too. 


I have two Izzys, a mannequin and Emily Downtown.


The first to appear was the Izzy with glasses, he’s standing in a room in the office building. Then came another Izzy without glasses into the same room. He later moved outside of the building. The mannequin is standing in the doorway. Emily is outside the building (can’t go there) and there is another Izzy without glasses standing near the golden globe-like statue on the side of the road.


I’m playing on a Samsung tablet and my ID is 1003943160300.


Sorry for the formating or if I have replied to the wrong thread, I’m on mobile.

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Re: Frozen Izzy at Business Centre

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I have two Izzys Downtown and a mannequin wearing wings. My ID is 1002981499680
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Re: Frozen Izzy at Business Centre

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That’s what’s going on for me: At the Market Place, Izzy stands by the Restaurant with no glasses (and no Mannequin), however people & NPC’ are still bustling around, so it’s all good. However Downtown is a different story. There, Izzy hangs around with a Mannequin (and the Mannequin always wears the latest female outfit I get from Izzy). All 3 Sim Guides are at their Job, but apart from that, it’s a ghost town. No one ever comes there anymore. Pics attached. And my player ID 1003240832700

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Re: [Open] Living Izzy's Mannequin present in Marketplace

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I'm sorry if I'm doing this reply/ post wrong (it's been ages since i've posted anything on EA/ sims forums), but I wanted to add a me too. I currently have 2 Izzy's, 2 mannequins (different clothing), and an Emily in my agency building. I have one sim working at the agency and another in the club. the coworkers at those places, my sims, the above mentioned extras, and an occasional sim i retired are the only people I'm seeing. I don't know if the game is reading the area as full or if the mannequins/ Izzys/Emily are messing up the area, or both. the second izzy showed up and started talking to the agency boss, then stopped talking when my sim chatted with the boss, then Izzy 2 stayed there, not moving. that was a few days ago. I can't remember if that is true for the other izzy or emily. i do remember the first one was a mannequin, cause I kept thinking a person's sim may not have fully loaded and the game glitched, then I realized the skirt was one I had gotten earlier from izzy.


My player ID is 1003455132186. hopefully someone will figure out what's going on and fix this.

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Re: [Open] Living Izzy's Mannequin present in Marketplace

Player ID: 1003305480598


I've posted twice on this thread so far. I came back to let the Powers That Be know that, though Emily and the mannequin have left, I still have two Izzys (would the plural be Izzies? Lol)--one with and one without glasses--hanging out in my marketplace. They don't bother me except that they are still keeping away the other NPCs. My sims that work there don't have as many actions because they don't have people to interact with, which makes it difficult to speed up their work shifts.


It would be nice if EA could give us an update on their progress to fix the issue, or maybe give us a timeframe for when we could expect to see things go back to normal. It's frustrating when we make these posts and don't get any response from them.

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Re: [Open] Living Izzy's Mannequin present in Marketplace

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I've got one Izzy stuck at waterfront's spa for a while, now. He does nothing, and also, I can't interact with him. He just stands there, starring to the wall like an idiot, haha. I don't think it's causing greater damage to my playing, but sometimes it's just annoying to see him there, and I'm just like GET OUT MAN! I wish he could go away. I already tried cleaning cache files, all data, and even uninstal the program and download it again. None of this worked, though. I'm currently out of ideas. If any of you know how to solve this problem, please let us know. My player ID is 1003584745373.

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NPC Sims mobil shows up in my Workplace

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I have something to ask. I have two sims who are working at Waterfront. While they're working, usually people would come as their colleagues or customers but there's something wrong on my sims work place today.

They're so empty, and I can see Izzy (the guy who made special clothes) and Lana (the girl on Lama Zoom tasks) standing on the Science Center, watching my sims working and do nothing at all. It irks me a lot, there's someone who apparently came to the waterfront and my sims (yoga instructor) try to get him to massage board but I can't, once I zoomed in, it's a faceless sim with the same clothes as my yoga instructor sim! I'm flabbergasted, is this new bug or something?I can't see anyone unless I call them or go to parties. What had happened??


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Re: Sims Bug - Multiple Instances of Characters

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He changed into a different item of Izzy clothes and has been stuck over in the night club for a few weeks.

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Re: NPC Sims mobil shows up in my Workplace

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@Xellonich This is a bug - I have it in Waterfront, too - and it’s the mannequin from Izzy’s you’re seeing as the faceless Sim. I have screen shots of the mannequin in different outfits from all around my Waterfront, Emily in front of the Science Center, no coworkers, other NPCs, or my friend’s sims down there. Bug reports like “missing coworker” or “living mannequin”, among others, are where you’ll be able to add yourself and (hopefully) learn about a fix sometime.
Idk if it’s letting me post links right now, but I’ll try with one of the bigger threads on this issue. Good luck!
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Re: Living Izzy's Mannequin present in Marketplace

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I googled the Izzy mannequin issue and found this thread. This morning I have a frozen Izzy mannequin stuck Downtown. I haven’t had Izzy show up yet, and my Downtown is still full of Sims, but I’m guessing after reading this thread that it’s just a matter of time until my Downtown is a Ghost Town. I’m hoping the bug issue gets resolved.


My user ID is 1002991452737.


I had to crop my image bc it wouldn’t let me post the full size, it’s too big of a file. This bug is creepy.

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