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Re: [Open] - Black Screen After Sep 11th update

by EA_Arrenai

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Re: [Open] - Black Screen After Sep 11th update

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Sul sul, @simmerdownMAL.


We appreciate your concerns, and I don't blame you for being upset if the compensation values are off from other people's experiences. We do have an internal process for this specific issue, so EA Help advisors are aware of what to look for and how to help in light of it. If you believe you got something different from everyone else, you are welcome to reach back out to EA Help and let them know, in case the advisor misread or if the issue was misunderstood.


Please note that each contact is looked at case by case, so it's possible that some people who received the incorrect compensation were compensated for a different incident or over a misunderstanding of the incident. Additionally, because it is case by case, I can't guarantee anything new would be granted on a new contact, but the advisor would be able to check the case history and evaluate what can be done from there.


Thanks again for bringing up, and we're looking into it. Party on, my friends.


Arrenai Cat

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Re: [Open] - Black Screen After Sep 11th update


@MrsJDB69  ha escrito:

Thanks. This may be a silly question but will my player ID still be the same now I've went through the tutorial and am showing as level 2? My son also plays and he can see my house from his friends list so it has to be somewhere doesn't it? 

It's a very good question and I'm afraid I don't know the answer. If you are not sure this is your level 50 game player-ID, you should tell the EA advisor. 

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Re: [Open] - Black Screen After Sep 11th update

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@simmerdownMAL I've updated the game and it seems to be working. Thank you for the information.
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Re: [Open] - Black Screen After Sep 11th update

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So my case has been escalated to the specialist team. Have realised now why people take regular screenshots etc as I hadn't had access for over a week I had no clue how much simcash or cupcakes I had. It's so frustrating as I can go on my sons game and see all my house and sims walking about but can't get to them 😕

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