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FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

by SkylerJames13

Original Post

FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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Product: NHL 21
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Could’ve found it by testing it before release, but otherwise just play it.
What happens when the bug occurs? GM’s don’t use logic. Every GM is Peter chiarelli.
What do you expect to see? FM and BAP modes properly fixed instead of devoting all resources to HUT
Was the issue in online or offline mode? Offline
Insert Game Mode or Feature here FM, and BAP too
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM)
What is your time zone?
What is your gamertag/PSN ID?
PS4 Crash Reporting: Please copy the text you put in the crash report here.
EASHL issues? Please insert your Club Region.
What is your game language? English

Start a new expansion FM game. 
we shouldn’t have to add another year to contracts, just so all 31 teams release all their expiring contracts to free agency. 
for example. The free agency players included :


ovechkin. Landeskog. T Rask. RNH. Getzlaf. Hamilton. Edler. Saad. Tatar. Palmeri. F Andersen. Binnington. Reinhart. Laine. Pearson. Barrie. Raanta. Danault. Fiala. Grubaur. Coleman. Virtanen. And that’s just to name a few. 
lots of huge names that would never make it to FA. 

When we do the expansion draft, why do GMs not make any effort to sign their pending free agents during the resign period? It isn’t for a lack of cap space. Why doesn’t TB try to move contracts so they can sign sergachev, cirelli, czernak?


Instead, they sit as RFAS all season until either they have cap space next season, or they become UFAS. Again, something that would never happen. 
and then if you add a year to their contracts, it throws everything off balance. And then free agency is empty. And we just repeat the same problem but a year later. 

meanwhile, the GM logic is still horrendously stupid. Huge lopsided trades.


No attempts to fix RFA situations, trade value so whack that you can trade nieto for gaudreau, which I saw from a FM group on Facebook. 

another good one was AI Ottawa sent AI Montreal two 1sts, and a 64ovr prosp, FOR a 81ovr V Rask, 79ovr Boyle, 79ovr Calvert, and 78ovr Alzner. So two firsts, for 2 bottom six fwds, and two awful contracts. 

what is wrong with GM AI logic this year? It’s always been bad Cus it’s never been done right. But this year is just something on its own level of stupidity 

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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@SkylerJames13 the logic used by AI GM's has definitely been an issue for years and is probably the most frustrating thing about the mode. This year it has become quite a bit worse just as you said, I think they tried to do too much with the trade deadline and it has made a mess of things. Any team having a bad year instantly becomes a seller and will trade anybody at the deadline even if they are one of their young top players signed for a few more years.

I can't remember if it was last year or the one before but in the franchise mode deep dive there was a point made that AI GM's will trade away players, including picks if needed in order to resign their players. I remember getting excited as every year before that a number of the top RFA's would sit out because teams didn't have cap space to sign them. It still has not improved, the only thing that changed is they increased the salary cap (and made it increase the same every year, used to be random) and as you and someone else pointed out AI GM's are still letting their best players walk while having 10 defensemen on the roster. I mentioned this last year too as its been a frustration of mine for quite some time that even if you did try to help a team out by taking on salary there were no extra picks or prospects included because they weren't "bad contracts" just players that the team would actually want to move to keep their stars and you would have to even overpay to get them because they weren't even on the trade block.

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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@Beauts90 I remember what you’re talking about. The trading was, ever so slightly, decent at that point in time. It wasn’t good. It was still pretty meh. Now, the entire trading process and trade values are completely useless, and it’s an entire waste of time. The worst is when you try and trade (even a trade that’s really bad for you, and good for them) and you get the stupid response “we’re saving our cap space for pending free agents” but they never do anything. It never makes sense and they never put any effort into fixing it even when nhl 17 came out, which was their “new” game developed for the ps4/Xbox one generation. They’ve released the same game for 5 years, and besides BAP “looking different”, but playing even worse,” the game hardly looks different at all. The gameplay itself is different, a bit better in some ways, a bit worse. But the offline game modes themselves have hardly been touched. And whenever they make a half-hearted effort to do anything with it, they just ruin it and make it worse
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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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I have no doubts that trying to program an AI GM is just like an AI player where no matter what its never going to be very good. I also know that releasing a game yearly has its difficulties in the amount that can be added and for the most part I know what I am paying for each year so I'm not overly disappointed when not much as changed. Like I've said before, they have added some cool things the last few years, but they still need improvements as well. I think the disappointing part this year is that the same flaws that they have had for years have actually got worse. I don't think the AI GM's will ever get to the point where people stop asking for gm connected so they don't have to deal with the AI GM's. Instead I hope they should look more into giving us more options so we can try and set up and play the mode the way we want. Some good suggestions from here for trading have been force/veto trades and signings, trade/free agent frequency sliders, allowing us to set up protected lists for all teams and improved team wants/needs. A more complicated suggestion would be to give each player personality traits of what is most important such as loyalty, winning, money, stats or term. Have something similar for each GM as well to try and better control how they make trades and signings. 


Edit: One thing they could add that would help with the bad trades is NTC/NMC to franchise. Not only would it add another element to franchise mode, but more star players would request it when signing. This would also allow us to give them to players we don't want traded before starting a new one.

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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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I've said before, I'll say it again, I'll never stop saying it:
there's an easy fix that'll make perfect AI logic while requiring very little effort on EA's part: full customization. Allow us to force trades as well as make CPU-CPU trades. Then we can look through and figure out what teams should be moving what contracts, and we can figure out what's fair for them to move a bad contract, and what team would be willing to take on a bad contract, what assets they would demand in order to do so.

It would be time-consuming for us to do this every single deadline (or whenever), but I'm sure all of us would be thrilled to do so in order to keep the game realistic and functioning logically. Over, you know... the * they've been giving us.


Full customization is the answer to all EA's problems. Bad potential/development? Allow us to edit ratings. Wrong positions or player type? (Whether or not it's "wrong" or we just prefer something different.) Allow us to edit position and player type. Polish players with names like Greg Liston or Marvin Jones? Allow us to edit player names.
This isn't hard. It's not hard to figure out, it's not hard to program. Yet... they keep failing us. Even worse, they've been *removing* customization, as we were actually able to edit at least *some* of those things in NHL 20 (positions and roles).

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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@2k wanna make an NHL game that isn't trash

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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@LordDecland No kidding. Wishful thinking. I'm sure 2Ks BAP would blow what we currently have out of the water 20x over.
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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@yarg232 Honestly, anything at this point wouldn’t be hard to beat this game.

Even nhl 20 is better by far. And nhl 20 isnt that great of a game. It’s mediocrely average at best.

Don’t want this awful AI logic to be forgotten about, so bumping the thread.

Why not try a slider for the logic? Just like prospect quality, etc (even though prospect development and player growth are broken right now) we should be able to change the amount, and the severity of AI trades. Or allow us to veto trades, and force AI vs AI trades.

Just give us something so that we can play this game enjoyably. Right now it’s a mess, it’s worthless and there is no point in playing FM or BAP. After nearly 3 full months. A quarter of a year, and the game isn’t playable.

Like I said before, I hope Cyberpunk changes the way games are released.

Quit charging full price, for games that aren’t finished. Ironing out the kinks over the year is fine, but when the game legitimately isn’t finished and playable, like NHL 21 has proven itself to be, quit charging full price.
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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@SchulzEricT Could imagine that.. players would trade all the top stars to one team and [profanity removed] the rest




Edit: Removed profanity. Please keep the following rule in mind:

  • Don't curse or swear. Don't try to get away with it by using symbols in place of letters, too. We all k*** what you're trying to s**.

Thank you. -CM

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Re: FM AI GM’s logic is ridiculous

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@Beauts90 Literally They should just take notes on what 2K does, they have all of this and so much more in their MYLEAGUE and MYGM (both franchise modes) which they actually combined both into "MYNBA" in NBA 21 on next gen where you can customize your experience however it is that you want to play it; I personally don't have the PS5 yet though.
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