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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

by pixiejuice

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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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Still a problem for me, too. I even took out my mods to see if it was a mods problem, but the disappearing ghosts and NPC visitors kept happening indefinitely. 

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Bug in Von Haunt Estate

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I found a bug in ghosts live the Von Haunt Estate, they are disappearing and appearing and sometimes appear to duplicate


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Re: Bug in Von Haunt Estate


Hi @zLuizFs_


merged your report with existing bug report.

Happy Gaming


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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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This happens in my game.  


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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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Same problem in my game... seems to be an infinite amount of Mimsy's & Bernard's spawning just outside the editable lot.


MC Command has an option to Unhide Hidden Households, and although one or two ghosts did appear, the Mimsy's & Bernard's don't appear on this list.


I know nothing about Sims 4 Bugs or the cause of them, but I save my game to a new file most times I play, to give myself more chance of a recent save being available if my current one becomes corrupted due to CC or Mods... It sort of feels like there has been a Mimsy & Bernard created for each version of the save I have made... as though each time I "save as" under a new name, (for Example August5, August6), it is creating a new set of these ghosts.


MC Command also has an option to delete all homeless ghosts, it warns that this will delete Mimsy & Bernard, and it does... yet the hoardes of them are created again and proceed with the spawn attack habbo hotel style.

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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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Yup, now as I entered the von Haunt estate for the first time, I have the same issue. The ghosts also began to multiply.... very annoying sigh. I don't have mods either, just vanilla game. I wish there was a way to get rid of them! Ugh.

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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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I have the same. I do use mods but I can be pretty sure that isn't the issue, since others who use no mods have it too.
Mimsy and Bernard will spawn together in front of the house, stay for a few seconds, and then disappear. A new copy of them will spawn, often before the first disappears. I've noticed that each pair will have the same mood; for example the first two are flirty and the next pair is happy, etc...
It's annoying because I would like to see them actually haunting the estate as they are supposed to. I have also seen Mimsy out in town at a nightclub with other ghosts, which I don't believe happened before. Maybe she just enjoys modern culture, but it's silly. They aren't regular ghosts for a reason. X)
I have tried replacing the lot and it doesn't seem to do anything, nor does removing mods or starting a fresh game. I also reinstalled the game for unrelated reasons and that has not fixed it either.
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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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This still happens. :/

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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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Still happening to me too. Now OCTOBER 2016. No mods on my game!

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Re: [OPEN] Von Haunt Ghosts broken

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It seems that has been fixed.

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