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Re: Vampire Power Reconfiguration glitch

by acm198704

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Re: Vampire Power Reconfiguration glitch

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Will this ever get patched? my 'super sim challenge' sim is now completely broken as he now throws up every time he eats, despite being cured of his vamprism. 

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Vampire reconfiguration potion does not work properly

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I also have this problem, and it's making the game a lot less fun for me.

I have a vampire who I royally, socially messed up, she burst into tears and hissed, I had another that I made a guilty drinker, who was also sloppy, I decided I disliked these traits so I made the reconfiguration potion to reset the skills. When I did I could only get them to level 1 or 2, of the 3 levels, before they greyed out, despite having the points. I learned to reload my game when this happened.


But now, my vampire is a 5 star celeb, she spends a lot of time in clubs, and she's the friendly type, a good celeb, when she starts to talk to someone she randomly hisses and every sim in the vicinity suddenly loses a lot of friendship with her. And the sloppy drinker, who was also guilty before the reset? Well he's costing a fortune in plasma packs as he gains a stupidly low amount of plasma from each pack. I've read back through the threads people have posted and all I can gather is that this is a huge bug that hasn't been fixed for months. I've only recently bought the game and I'm a little peeved by this.


Most of the work arounds only work for a short while, which isn't ideal.


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Re: [OPEN] [V] Vampire reconfiguration potion does not work properly

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Unfortunately this is what I have had to do as well. Removing the buffs every time I play with MCCC has been the only way I've been able to play after drinking the reconfiguration potion. I even tried humanizing and re-turning my vamps to see if it might reset, but no such luck.
Some weakness buffs get stuck as well unfortunately, particularly Withered Stomach, Uncontrollable Hissing, and Eternal Sadness. I also find it unfortunate that the withered stomach trait does not allow your vamp to consume plasma fruit salad without getting sick, but not sure if that's a bug or unfortunate gameplay consistency oversight. 

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Vampire reconfiguration potion does not work properly

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I am experiencing the same thing thank you for the help 

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Vampire reconfiguration potion does not work properly

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I've had problems with my vampire since day one. I only realised recently that Vlad is supposed to coach you through vampirism after reading about the pack, since that never happened with my vampire sim. 


I drank the reconfiguration potion so many times. It'll be okay for a little while, but then my sim will go back to hissing and being unable to eat plasma fruit salad. But he can eat plasma fruits? Weird choice, guys. 


Sidenote: maybe there should be more vampire dishes?


Anyway. He goes back to the weaknesses I tried to get rid of: hissing, withered stomach and sloppy drinker. He also gets reputation hits from people texting him about drinking without permission even though he only did that once when he was a fresh vampire. Very frustrating. Also it seems like he can only drink from someone once? People who previously had no problems donating plasma and have high relationship suddenly refuse him, including family members. 


I was also trying to complete one of the vampire aspirations, but the Survive for 20 Days step kept restarting every time I loaded up the game. 


I've resorted to cheating, since I suspect if I started a new save file I could start over but I'm playing a challenge family and I've put too much time in. 


Vampires have been out forever. Surely these bugs should be taken care of instead of placating YouTubers with white shelves?

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Vampire reconfiguration potion does not work properly

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We fixed the weirdness with trying to add points while drinking the Draught of Reconfiguration. Now you should be able to add points just fine and your options won’t be greyed out.

Fixed in Patch 1.52.100

Happy Gaming


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