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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

by BroghamZvatox

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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I am still having this issue and it’s been over a month since this post

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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@Starfender wrote:

I realize that not everyone agrees with cheats, and you will miss out on the experience of naturally leveling up your vampire sim, but for those who want a fix after a month of this issue you can go to this page and give your vampire each power individually. The table is in section 6 right after Vampire energy. Google how to find your sim id if you need to.

P.S. Some of the cheats are missing spaces between inputs (ie Commandtrue instead of Command true) and show level 2 instead of 3, but it is easy enough to work through.

i actually tried this (cheating to level up my vamp sim), using stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593

but the issue / bug still remains. i can't seem to go beyond the grand master rank - which i believe is why most of us are posting and/or redirected here by crinrict. well my vamp sim gets to have an initial 2 points after maxing the grand master rank. but after that, the gauge just won't reset and any additional points just won't seem to be given.

there were also a few posters who tried cheating to level up their sim but still get road blocked because of the bug. this bug stops us, whether we level up our vamp sims naturally, or through cheats (no difference imho, except that the latter is far more faster).

the thing is, with this bug, we lose one of the edges/advantages of having a vampire sim, which is having an edge or more power over normal sims - that would entail that the vamp sim have more powers... sure we still get some vampire powers.. but not all. i think the design of the sims4 vampire is made in such away that we can get all  vampire skills in time. but with the bug, we can't seem to do that. 

i get that this issue's not yet addressed. infact, i think this would be addressed in some future patch. so, for now, i just leave this forum bookmarked. 

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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Yes, that cheat is still bugged because the bug won't let you go past the first grand master rank. The cheats I'm talking about are in the middle of the page and all look like 


bucks.unlock_perk AlwaysWelcome true 40961 {targetsim}


This allows you to individually give your sim each power without needing to earn the level. Time consuming, but a workaround. I just did it last night to give my vampire every power that didn't conflict with the weaknesses I took. Like I said, some typos so you have to pay attention but it works.


Again, go to section 6 (Vampire energy Cheats) and the Vampire Power Cheats table to individually unlock each power is within that section.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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It is a joke that we have to do that in order it to work. Although I thank you for posting it!. EA completely ruined the Vampire experience for me! This is not ok and should be fixed asap. There is no longer a point in having a vampire sim if you cannot make them stronger than humans. There's no posibility to upgrade the high experience perks anymore... It happens even in a vainilla new game with no mods on it.


They should have fixed it by now with the latest update before Christmas as it is a MAJOR issue, even as troubleing as the last one they introduced with the update before.




If you have MCCC mod you can click on your sim. Go to MC Cheats/ Increase Points/ Vampire Points. Asign a value to add and it should work. Still not a fix because you need to asign the value depending on your own judgement but it's something.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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I can attest to no mods being needed to produce this bug. I finally caved and pulled myself away from The Sims 3 and bought myself a Christmas present with The Sims 4, Vampires and Get to Work. My very first Vampire I make I get hit with this damn bug at Grand Master. It really has me not even wanting to play now and contemplating a refund. It's disgusting that a developer and publisher can let a game breaking bug like this sit around for this long. It's been a long time since I've given money to EA, it seems like my trust was misplaced pre-maturely. I won't be doing that again anytime soon, what a shame. I was eyeing some of the other addons for the Sims 4 too, oh well. It'll be money well spent to another dev/pub that cares about their customers.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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It is now 27 December 2018 and I am still having this exact issue, despite many "patches and updates" that have already been released. I have been complaining publicly about this and bringing it to the attention of the relevant people for the past month and no one seems to be doing anything to stop it or fix it. It is NOT a mod related issue, as I have tested it with and without mods and custom content. It is indeed a base game issue and despite all of my reaching out, it has still not been addressed. It does become very VERY frustrating and I have actually stopped playing for the past few weeks since my current family consists of vampires who can't gain any points after grandmaster level. Please can someone try to fix this asap. How can the developers actually let such a huge bug slip by for over a month, and not even address it at all? I read through the last patch's notes and am actually so annoyed that they just did not attend to this bug in the Vampires game pack but instead attended to something completely irrelevant. I've now reached my point where I'm genuinely contemplating no longer supporting EA, despite being a Sims fan for the past 10 years.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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I just returned to Sims 4 after a long break, wanting to get back to my vampire family - the only expansion that I've really loved tbh.


Two vamps are already Grand Master, and neither can gain points now to get new powers. I refuse to have to jump through hoops to find mods or do messed up cheats to do this. I paid for this game, and I paid for the expansions, and for EA to allow a bug of this size to sit around is messed up.

Once upon a time, developers had to actually make the game work before releasing it. Maybe put more money into beta testing.


No, I have zero custom stuff or mods on my game. Never had, never will.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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Hello, I hit the "me too" button, but just replying to also say I am still experiencing this in my game as well. I tweeted the Sims twitter the other night with no reply. Hope they are working on the a patch for this bug. I do not feel like manually imputing strengths via cheats, but if the bug persists, I guess I may have to. 

I have all the packs and expansions aside from the bowling and spa. I use no CC or mods as I also use my Mac for my graduate program, so I try to keep what goes on it minimal. The game receives updates when they come out; therefore, it is all up to date as well. 

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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It's incredible how much content they release for this game on a regular basis. But these are pretty pressing problems that need to be addressed. Edit: Not to suggest that it's the same people working on the new content that work on the bugs. But it's a question of priorities and resource allocation.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Not able to level up/gain points past Grandmaster level

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I wasn't getting this issue until I started playing a toddler in Vlad's care, and Vlad was having trouble getting past this point. I started digging around in the tuning files and this section in rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP stood out to me.

      <T n="key">17</T>
      <U n="value">
        <L n="loot">
        <T n="tooltip">0x8981CD19<!--Next Reward:\nGain 2 Power Points--></T>

The TDESC describes the loot tag as only run once while loot_always is supposed to be used for repetitive tasks. I whipped up a mod to patch this and Vlad started getting power points again as normal.


Note: After the tuning is fixed, if your vampire's XP is at max, it's crucial to adjust it using the cheat command below. This will put you at one point below max so the bar will start working again.

 stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1592


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