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[FIXED] [V] [CL] NPC Sims dress strangely

by LadyDarkSorrow

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Re: [OPEN] [V] [CL] NPC Sims dress strangely

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Is this issue ever going to be fixed? Is anyone from EA ever going to acknowledge this is an issue? I don't even have the Vampire pack or any custom content and my sims are wearing the most ridiculous things to festivals. It's nothing to do with the supposed "themes" either, they just have on a random collection of junk. They need to just switch this back so everyone wears their everyday outfit to festivals.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] [CL] NPC Sims dress strangely

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I have this problem in my game too... Hopefully they'll fix this in the Pets update.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] [CL] NPC Sims dress strangely

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  • We have addressed some issues with the outfit combinations of festival goers, and have lessened the bizarre combinations.

This issue should be fixed with Patch 1.36


Because of this and because this thread doesn't have the new bug template, I'm going to lock it.



Seems this issue was only scaled down (although it's now also happening at night clubs).


There's a new thread here you can post in:

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