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Re: [OPEN] Underwater Flip Animation outside water

by FKM100

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Re: [OPEN] Underwater Flip Animation outside water

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I noticed something during play today. I can consistently get this to happen when my Sim is seated in the Spice Market area if I click on the basketball hoop and select "Dream Big". If he is NOT in an athletic outfit - it does the splash flip thing - and when he comes back up - he's in his athletic outfit.


* Sim seated - bench or picnic table (didn't test inside apartment)

* Sim in any outfit other than athletic gear

* Choose "Dream Big" on the basketball hoop


I haven't tried this anywhere else but the Spice Market yet. Can someone else confirm that this bug is repeatable for them? Anywhere else? Other parameters?


Update: Installed a basketball hoop on my Sims lot at Cacti Casa in Oasis Springs. The same thing happens there.

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Re: [OPEN] Underwater Flip Animation outside water

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This has been happening to some of my sims too. In this case these sims live in a penthouse (built by me), with the bracing breezes lot trait and a basketball hoop. The animation happened every morning as my sims sat down to eat breakfast. A couple of seconds after sitting down, they would duck down into the floor, do a complete tumble-turn with splashing water effects (something, incidentally, I have never seen them do in water, where it would make sense) and then come up in their athletic outfits, as mentioned by the previous poster.


However, I removed the basketball hoop a little while ago because that whole 'dream big' thing was annoying me, and, as far as I can remember, I don't think I have seen them doing the tumble-turn again. So I would connect it with the basketball hoop - and, probably also the dream big animation, which in my case was being activated autonomously by the bracing breezes lot trait.

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Re: [OPEN] Underwater Flip Animation outside water

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Well, I removed the basketball hoop, it doesn't bother me now :)


Goodbye Basketball obsession while the festival !


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Re: [FIXED] Wrong animation when changing outfits

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The exact same thing happened to my sim, she was sitting down eating and decided to play basketball. It also happened in an apartment after installing City Living.

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My sim falls through the floor. He splashes and bobs like he's in s swimming pool and fully disappears before sitting back down. It's happened both on his home lot and community lots while sitting and eating.
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Re: Sims


Hi @BusterXXI


I've merged your post with existing bug report

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.

Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: [OPEN] Underwater Flip Animation outside water

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This is a little different but I thought I'd post it here: 




One of my teen sims had a wish to buy a basketball hoop. She then she shot around till stinky. When she was showering she autonomously queued up the action to "Dream Big" and then this happened! I think she actually made the shot in the shower but I didn't catch the image. :Bball:

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Re : Sims falling into floor/into "water"

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I have that too, it has been going on for a while ... .These seem to bind to basketball, my Sims are sucked into the floor, an imaginary puddle when they change clothes and get dressed sporty. If there is a basketball court available on the lot, this phenomenon pops up, I have that in Windenburg too, just have this basketball court. I have a nightclub with a basketball court on the roof and when my Sims are dancing in a band, one, two or three Sims disappear into the floor and come back in sportswear, by seeing this phenomenon. Easy humor, I decided to call this, the slurp Standard smile

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Re: [OPEN] Sims constantly stop working out to play basketball

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I noticed this, too. I figured the "swimming animation" always occurs if the sim is sitting and then decides to play basketball ("Dream Big" interaction). It causes the sim to change his outfit to athletic wear, so it seems to be a misplaced animation for outfit changing:


Update: In the thread below it was suggested that it is the same animation as when you get your sim to change his outfit while in the pool.




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Re: [PPSP] Hot tub swimming through land

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I have one Sim who sits down in a chair at the dining room table to eat and then he drops down and appears to swim for a few seconds. You can hear water sounds. He has done this since the toddler update.


I have 2 elders, 2 young adults and one toddler in this house.  He is one of the young adults. The other sims don't do it.


I have no mods or cc in my game.

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