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[FIXED] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

by alexishp23

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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Having the same issue since the new update.

Toddlers won't eat their meal only sitting and idling.

The only thing I can feed them are harvestables.

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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mine are OK, as long as they don't do anything else. if they talk with other Sims while eating, they stop and just hold the food. if i cancel the conversation, they eat the whole meal and the hunger bar fills as expected.

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Toddler-Sim cannot eat fish plates

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? Polski
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Seasons, City Living, Cats & Dogs, University, Island Living, Parenthood, Dine out
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Whenever I try feeding the toddlers with fish plates.
What happens when the bug occurs? The toddlers seems to be eating the fish-plate (Haddock Sandwich, Seafood Chowder, Fish Dinner, Tacos), the time passes (usually around 1,5-2 sim hours), but nothing happens, toddler seems to be frozen. Sim is still hungry. He puts down the plate and the dish is still on it.
What do you expect to see? Sim-toddler eating all the possible meals.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

Hi all,

I', struggling with the abovementioned issue. I will attach screen and possibly a video when I play again.




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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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Well, mine are eating everything from the high chair that is meant only for them. They are also eating anything without any problem when sitting on the floor or furniture - except the meals with fish. Perhaps they just don't like fish Wink When eating fish, they freeze, the meal is still on the plate and they just sit for an hour or two, then they put back the plate untouched.

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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@alicjamo This is interesting... I just gave my toddler some garden salad and she has no problem eating it. She also refused to eat chicken stir fry besides fish. Secretly vegetarians, perhaps? Standard smile
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Re: Toddlers won't eat

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Hey thanks for this explanation. I went back and got rid of the meal that was stuck (herb-crusted salmon), brought out a different meal (spinach frittata), and my toddler is now eating.

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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Having the exact same problem 
I have all sims 4 content 
no cc whatsoever was ever installed 
I made the female sim myself so she was not downloaded from the gallery or anything like that

Im doing the 100 baby challenge 
so obviously I have quite a few toddlers around every now then 

I take out the food from the fridge and put it on the floor so they could grab it themselves
they would take it sit somewhere and just hold the plate and do nothing
I've tried it with a few different foods and didnt work 
I eventually had to cheat their needs cause they were almost taken away

I have quite a few so putting them all in high chairs is kind of annoying and not always a possibility

however I can say that in that same saved file NOT ALL toddlers I've had are glitched 
Sometimes they are and sometimes they arent 
there isnt any difference between the toddlers (except their fathers lol) 
so I dont know why some manage to eat and some just glitch out and hold the plate and do nothing but I hope this gets fixed soon 

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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I'm having this issue as well but it's only related to recipes that are non base game. I can get them to eat hotdogs, frank and beans, pancakes, frenchtoast, eggs....nothing city living, nothing gourmet. 

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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Same thing here. Toddlers will eat in the high chair but not anywhere else and I’m having to cheat their hunger up. Fish seems to be atheist main problem although I’ve had it with spaghetti and salad too. As one game I’m playing is an Apocalypse Challengeand I haven’t lifted Chef, not being able to eat fish from the grill is a big deal!  It’s not just that game and it’s the same with some meals from an oven, both other saves I’ve tried have the same problem.

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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers won't eat (Patch 1.68.154/133)

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I have the same problem. I have however realised that the bug is connected to certain kind of foods. For example the garlic noodles, herb-crusted salmon and rack of lamb is uneatable for my toddler. Do I however switch these foods to something else like grilled-cheese they will eat.

So i believe the problem is connected only to certain foods.

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