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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

by Gutzyella

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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Also when I leave sims home and take one sim in the household to another lot, the sims at home do not take care of themselves. I have to keep clicking take care of needs. Either make the sims care for themselves or freeze their needs where they are until the sim I have at another lot returns home.
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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies


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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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here is a view of my sim, off lot with a uncared for toddler, she arrives home.... toddler appears happ but is still hungry.


in the last image you can see I have a butler and 2 nannies that come to my house every day, even when fired, its not shown but i can still click on the infants in the crib and sill have the option to hire a nanny


the nannies never leave, never sleep and make lots of food, 


the butler and nannies dont change the infants diapers, will not autonomously care for the toddlers... no diapers no bath no play unless a toddler asks or is directed to ask


the only thing the nannies actually do is talk to the children, and make them do their homework.... and never leave, and just sit around and wait hours to feed a infant


I know this hits on a lot of problems at once but wanted to show you what i see  

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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I thought it was just my sim having bad luck, but reading this, it seems like a bug. I have never needed to use the fullmotive cheat until after the latest patch. Suddenly the toddlers get sent to daycare even if there is a nanny present. And if I only take one adult out, all the remain sims stops taking care of themself and their children.

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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I have had the same problem. One of my sims was on vacation and the other was home with the children, both toddlers. The toddlers were not being taken care of and all their needs dropped down. The parent home was not taking care of the children for some reason. The same thing happens at daycare.

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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Not just daycare killing toddlers and babies, when one parent is home with the toddlers their needs are still not being attended to. 


EA needs to freeze their needs if the sim is just going to sit there and die.


Mind you all needs were in the high greens when my sim left the lot to meet her neighbors

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

[ Edited ]
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How do bugs like this go 2+ years without being fixed? We spend hundreds on this game and the most minor stuff just sticks around. Just freeze the toddler's needs when they go to the daycare, or just fill them all the way. Either one is fine. It must be one heck of a difficult thing to add for it to take years to fix. Anyway, me-too'ing this on console.

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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Playing atm. When one of the parents are away to bars and clubs, the rest of the family (1 YA + 3 C) stops taking care of themself. So when the first parent return, they are red and/or blue bc their needs are red. Mostley the needs Energy, Fun, Social and Bladder, but when the children were toddlers, even Hygiene and Hunger were red and I got notice about that they might get taken away if not fed. So what I have to do is take them to my sims spot, use cheats and send them home again. They need to fix this bug. I don't want my kids to get taken away. I usually play a single parent but thought a partner would help with the issue, but nope. 


Another issue I've noticed is that the nanny pretty much ignore the toddlers sometimes. they come, cook a meal and then leave while the toddler is crying of hunger.



I was only supposed to have a toddler and a baby, but I've noticed that if a male sim is getting an alien pregnant, the sim will most likely get abducted and pregnant with an alien. Maybe its a jealous ex of the alien. lol. 


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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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I notice this happens across all ages - sims at home don't care for self very well when I'm playing another lot. If I click on the icon of a child or older sim, and tell them to care for self, their needs will immediately start filling, but they can get pretty low if I don't do this manually. Since I can't do this with the toddlers or infants, they just keep getting lower. Fortunately I haven't had any children taken away yet, but I've had some nearly starving toddlers more than once.

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Re: Daycare is Killing my Toddlers and Babies

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I think the sims have just become aware there is something helping them through life and just assume it is always watching. This is like a sims great depression... if ur not actively helping them they just give up on trying to do anything for themselves

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