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[FIXED] Teens can't get their grades up at school.

by blackbeachess

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Re: [FIXED] Teens can't get their grades up at school.

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I'm actually having this problem. I've got 1 child and 3 teens that do their homework everyday, have gotten all the skill requirements and even do extra credit every day but they always come home with B grades for some reason. It seemed to work before, obviously, as I didn't age those teens up until they had A's as children first, but now for some reason they just aren't progressing. It's gone on a few weeks in game and I'm not sure how to fix this. Please help. Also, when there is a birthday, the Celebate! Action icon gets stuck. They don't do it and won't do anything but stand there while time passes and their needs continue to go down. I usually have to exit the game and go back in to fix that but the school part doesn't seem to fix no matter how many times I restart.

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